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Clinton and Kaine – Stronger Together – but Rarely Are Together


Hillary Clinton named former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine her VP candidate in July the week of the Democratic National Convention. Shortly thereafter Clinton and Kaine released a book entitled ‘Stronger Together’.

The reviews of the book have been horrible. Event the ultra-Left Washington Post gave the book a horrible review –

By the time I finished this book, I resented its existence.

“Stronger Together,” ostensibly written by Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine — they are listed as authors and each provides a brief, first-person introduction explaining how hard their parents worked, and a brief, first-person conclusion explaining how hard they themselves work — is a self-confessed cut-and-paste job of campaign fact sheets, speeches and op-eds. That sets rather modest expectations. Yet, even by that standard, and the low bar for candidates’ campaign books overall, “Stronger Together” is an embarrassment, sloppy, repetitive, dutiful and boring. This is a book that, 237 pages in, actually thanks readers for making it that far.

It sold only 3,000 copies in its first week showing a real lack of interest for a Presidential candidate and the initial customer reviews were hilarious.

Now after two and a half months since the DNC and the release of the book, Hillary and Kaine have rarely even been together. They were reported together once between the DNC and Labor Day and have not been reported together since.

Perhaps the book was a farce? Maybe it wasn’t even written by Hillary or Kaine? Maybe they really don’t believe in it’s title? For whatever reason, although they say they are ‘stronger together’ they rarely are.

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