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Christian Leader Ralph Reed: “We’re Going to Turn Out the Biggest Christian Vote” in the 2018 Mid-terms in Modern History!!!

Ralph Reed was the first executive director of the Christian Coalition and now is the current head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. He recently spoke at the Gateway Eagle Counsel and shared how his group is reaching out to over 26 million Christian Americans in highly contested states in the mid-term election and to encourage them to vote for Republicans in their states.

Ralph Reed provided a summary of the actions that the Faith and Freedom Coalition took during the 2016 Presidential election to help Donald J. Trump win the White House. He then provided comments about how President Trump is saving America.

Reed shared the following after praising President Trump for his actions in regards to the right to life –

And let me tell you what’s going to happen. In North Dakota, in Missouri, in Montana, Indiana, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee, now Texas, where they’re trying to take out Ted Cruz, and by the way they can forget it, in all those key Senate races and about 40 House races, we’re going to turn out the biggest Christian vote that has been seen in a mid-term election in modern political history.

Now in 2016, 27% of the entire vote was self identified evangelical Christians. They voted 81% for Donald Trump, that’s is the highest share of the vote anyone has ever received and they voted only 16% for Hillary Clinton, that’s the lowest percent anyone has ever received.

At the end of this talk Reed said –

Let’s make sure that the media is shocked on election night one more time. Thank you all very much. God Bless you!

Hat tip Reboot Congress

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