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China Issues Warning to US

China sent a warning to the US on Friday.

The world knows that the US is as weak as it’s ever been.  China certainly knows it.

Every action Biden makes seems to help China but this is not enough.

China issued a warning on Friday to the US.

A Friday editorial from the Global Times, a nationalistic English-language tabloid published by the propaganda department of the ruling Communist Party, criticized the Pentagon‘s annual report to Congress on China’s military power.

The Pentagon’s report, which was released on Thursday, detailed China’s strengthening nuclear capabilities, resistance to military-to-military communications with the U.S., expansion of national power, deepening ties to Russia as well as the country’s provocative actions in the Indo-Pacific region, specifically in and around the Taiwan Strait.

The Global Times, whose views do not always reflect official policy in China, called the intel gathered in the Pentagon’s report “malicious speculations and smears,” adding that the U.S. was trying to “fabricate a terrifying image of China.”

Speaking on China’s heightened showing of military force in Taiwan in recent years, which the Department of Defense (DOD) detailed as ballistic missile overflights, increased flights into Taiwan’s self-declared air defense identification zone and large-scale simulated joint blockade and simulated joint firepower strike operations, the Pentagon’s report outlines six scenarios that could prompt China to take military action.

However, the Global Times claimed in its editorial titled, “China’s military power only makes those with malicious intent feel ‘threatened,'” that it is rather the U.S. who has been provoking tensions in the Indo-Pacific region.

“In the past year, the actions of the US military have made it even clearer who the escalating threat in the Asia-Pacific region truly is and what poses the greatest challenge to peace and stability in that region,” the Chinese media outlet said.

The world is a very scary place now because of Biden and his gang of crooked elites.

The US is in its worst position ever.

Biden is at war with Russia in Ukraine.  The Middle East is blowing up as the Islamic countries are preparing for war with Israel.  China is threatening the US, something unheard of during President Trump’s administration.  And the US has been invaded by 5 million men of military age who we have no idea who they are.

Americans should be concerned. 

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