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China Appears to be Readying Itself to Invade Taiwan

China appears to be readying itself to invade Taiwan. 

Newsmax reports this morning on a Chinese buildup of forces closest to Taiwan.

On Sunday, Taiwan’s military detected a buildup of Chinese forces marshaling along China’s Fujian Province, a coastal region bordering the Taiwan Strait, Focus Taiwan reported early Sunday morning.

These Chinese “military exercises,” as it’s being reported, are being “conducted at Fujian’s Dacheng Bay” and feature an “undisclosed numbers of People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) warplanes, warships, and ground troops.”

Corroborating the claims, Indo-Pacific News reported that the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense on Thursday said that “a total of 20 Chinese aircraft had operated in airspace around Taiwan that day. It added that some had crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait.”

But on Sunday, Indo-Pacific News noted that “ferries that have been adapted for military amphibious operations are on the move… Either a big exercise… or something ‘else’. Need to keep an eye on this!!!”

Over the past few years China has been moving in the direction of invading Taiwan.  In April we saw US billionaire Warren Buffet sell his stake in a Taiwan chip maker.

Warren Buffet Sells Billions in Taiwanese Chip Maker as Experts Fear China Is Preparing for an Offensive

China Joe Biden has been doing whatever China wants.  Everything he does seems to help China and hurt the US.

President Trump Is Right – Biden Does Whatever China Tells Him

Here’s another list of how China is running Biden.

Chinese are crossing the US Southern border as well.  Biden is at war with Russia in Ukraine.  What a perfect storm for the US. 


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