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Censorship at Twitter and Across All Social Media Is At ALL-TIME HIGHS

The monster fascists on the left, who want to rule the world like the Nazis in Germany are censoring all conservative speech like never before.

We learned after the 2020 Election that the far-left fascists had teams in place to enforce censorship of conservative media.

This is all covered in Chapter 8 – The Censorship Complex in “The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up“.  We learned after the 2020 Election that multiple entities are in place, paid for by the US government, with the sole purpose of censoring free speech and especially the truth reported by conservative media.

There was evidence that Big Tech had sided with Biden and the Democrats and the Deep State. They all worked together. After the election steal the purge began. Conservatives [like myself ] who reported on the crimes and seediness on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the election and who reported on the election steal after the election were suspended or permanently banned from social media.

Big Tech had begun censoring and shadow banning (when Big Tech partially blocks an individual’s shares with his followers; the user doesn’t know it, but his followers are not receiving his posts and shares) conservatives even before the 2016 election, but this went into full force in 2017.

By the time the 2020 Election came around, all big conservative targets were censored, shadow banned, or suspended for good. President Trump was clearly shadow banned by this time. He was allowed to keep his accounts and was known as the greatest tweeter in history, but his tweets weren’t shared.

You had to go to his account to see his tweets. After January 6, Big Tech took down President Trump, their biggest target and their biggest casualty. We thought that Big Tech companies had operated independently or in collusion with other social media giants in their censoring activities. But this was only a very small piece of the picture. Deep State actors were involved in the censoring of conservatives alongside Big Tech. This was big-time collusion.

We learned so much more.  We learned that the State Department and the Defense Department were paying for censorship activities of conservative media.  This is tyranny and a crime.  Our civil rights are at risk.

Yesterday, Attorney Tom Renz, who is outspoken about COVID crimes related to mandates and the vaccines reported that he is being censored on Twitter.

A friend of mine analyzed how the X (Twitter) algorithm labels my account. Below are the labels. According to these experts these account labels all tell the algorithm to limit my reach. All my work cites government sources or other evidence. @elonmusk – your platform is still censoring… please look at this.

I was kicked off of Twitter on Jan 2 2021 – four days before Jan 6.  They could not allow me to report on their set-up on Jan 6.  They had to fully kill my free speech.

We are thousands who are being censored.  This is against our civil rights.

These fascists think they are gods.  They are evil.  They are trying to take away our God-given right to free speech. 




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