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Happy Memorial Day to Our Many Warriors and Heroes

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Growing up as a youth in the Great Midwest, Memorial Day was a day when my parents would meet up with my grandparents and visit the cemetery in the small town where my parents grew up and place flowers on the graves of my ancestors.

My mother and grandmother, two great Catholic women, would stand or kneel and say prayers to those who they knew and loved and who are no longer with us.

My brothers and I would reluctantly go with our mother who was trying to teach us a sense of honor and tell stories of those she knew and loved.

As I grew older, I moved far away from the same cemetery where my mother and father are now buried.  I won’t be going there this weekend.  I will miss them though.

Also, as I grew older and more grateful for the country I grew up in, I learned to cherish the US military and the soldiers who gave their lives for this great country.  This day is for them as well.

God bless those I love who blessed this earth this Memorial Day weekend.  God bless all of you who continue to bless this earth with all you do.

President Trump Crushes Ron DeSantis on Truth Social

President Trump just crushed Governor Ron DeSantis on Truth Social.  DeSantis is having a very bad week. 

President Trump shared:

Ron DeSanctimonious just fired, like on “The Apprentice,” his friend and top campaign official, Phil Cox, because his campaign is a complete disaster, and 2028 is looking really bad. His campaign manager, who so deftly handled the Ted Cruz campaign against me, wanted to work for me, but was turned down – a “money grubber” like no other, and won’t quit until he’s got every last penny. Now “Rob” must change the theme of his campaign from NEVER BACK DOWN to WINNING ISN’T EVERYTHING!

President Trump also shared the following:

In the polls, DeSanctimonious is losing to Biden, and I’m up BIG, by 11 point’s. Don’t let them use that bull….!

BIG WIN FOR THE RINOs – Texas GOP Impeaches Hero AG Ken Paxton

RINOs in Texas impeach Ken Paxton.  Outrageous.

AG Ken Paxton in Texas saved the 2020 election in the state from being stolen by corrupt Democrats by addressing their attempted crimes with absentee ballots and he won.   He saved the election in Texas from being stolen for Joe Biden.

He discussed his challenges at the recent Heritage gathering despite the RINOs there not wanting to discuss the stolen 2020 Election.

Election fraud is happening across the country, according to Paxton.  This is validated in the books in The Steal series.

AG Paxton responded to the horrendous impeachment with the following.

The RINOs in the GOP are Democrats in disguise and they are the worst.  They are the uni-party. 


DeSantis Isn’t Aiming to Beat Biden, He’s Aiming to Hurt Trump

DeSantis is not aiming to beat Biden, says top attorney Robert Barnes.   He’s aiming to hurt Trump. 

Robert Barnes shared the following on Twitter.

DeSantis is a close friend of the Bush family. Barnes doesn’t think he’s out to beat Biden, he’s out to hurt President Trump.

HORRENDOUS: 50,000 Dead in Bakhmut – Largest Battle in Europe Since WWII

The biggest battle in Europe since World War II has ended with no winner as 50,000 deaths are recorded in the bloody Ukrainian village. 

Russia has won the battle of Bakhrut but not without a cost.   According to Jack Posobiec, 40,000 out of 80,000 Ukrainian soldiers and 10,000 out of 50,000 Russian soldiers were lost in the battle.

Posobiec had a series of discussions on the War Room that were excellent.

The costs of war and the significance of Ukraine are embedded in world history. This is not a place where the US should make a stand against a country like Russia without a good reason to do so.

Casey DeSantis Caught in a Lie – The Most Raised by Any Candidate in Presidential Politics Was by President Trump

The wife of Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis, Casey DeSantis, shared that her husband received more donations in his first 24 hours as a candidate than any candidate in history.  This was a lie. 

Casey (Jill) DeSantis tweeted that her husband raised more money in his first day of campaigning for President than any other candidate in history.  The problem is this was lie.

Casey DeSantis says that the $8.2 million received by her husband was the most ever. The problem is that President Trump raised $24 million when he announced in 2019.

Here are the detail from 2019 from far-left Politico.

Not a good start for the DeSantis gang. 

The Real Ron DeSantis is Showing His Colors – Turning His Back on MAGA

Foreigners are getting behind DeSantis for President.  They like taking from the US and DeSantis likes their money. 

Rupert Murdock has reportedly told Ron DeSantis that he is behind Ron.  Murdock owns FOX News, The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal.  All of these entities hate President Trump and have been against him for some time.

Murdock is from Australia.

Elon Musk came to the US from South Africa.

Musk has made billions in the US with Tesla, SpaceX, and much more.  He too is behind DeSantis.

Musk bragged about the failure to launch on Twitter this week when DeSantis’s announcement crashed.

After what Twitter did to President Trump and the people of America, Musk now has the audacity to welcome President Trump to Twitter. An apology is in order. Worse than that, the leaders of Twitter should have been arrested for their actions working with the FBI.

The real DeSantis is showing his colors and he will take money from anyone showing his disdain for MAGA Americans. 

DeSantis Hits President Trump on COVID – Forgets Threatening Florida Businesses Himself

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is forgetting how he threatened Florida businesses for staying open during the COVID crisis.

DeSantis threatened suspending business licenses for Floridians during the COVID crisis – this was horrible.

Here’s a video Ron DeSantis would prefer you not to see. Here he was in 2020, in the middle of the plandemic, threatening to suspend licenses of small businesses who dared stay open at more than half capacity, which obviously is required to turn any profit at all. You might as well close completely at half cap. So DeSantis wasn’t exactly the anti lockdown warrior he claims
To be

EXCLUSIVE: Gordan Chang Shares that the Foreign Actor Influencing the US is Not “Russia, Russia, Russia”, it’s “China, China, China”

Mr. Gordan Chang was on with the Joe Hoft Hoft Show yesterday.  

Gordan Chang is an expert on China and the CCP.  He is courageous in reporting and honesty about what is happening in China today.

Chang noted that over a billion people in China have phones with nearly a billion owning smartphones.

He also discussed China’s economy which is being crushed.  The country is contracting but the CCP states it’s growing.  This has been going on in China for years.

Next, Chang discussed COVID and noted that China decided to spread the disease beyond its borders.  China locked down its own country to tell the world that COVID was serious.  China may have done this because its economy was falling, and it decided to spread the disease.

“Millions have died from this disease…those people should be considered murdered.”

Chang agrees that it’s plausible that the reason that China dropped COVID was because President Trump was crushing China economically.

China certainly wanted Biden in the White House and not Trump.  They enjoyed their relationship with Hunter Biden.

The foreign actor influencing the US is not “Russia, Russia, Russia”, it’s “China, China, China”.

Listen in on this excellent interview below starting at the 18:55 mark in the audio below.

Michele Bachmann Warns About the WHO World Takeover

Below are sections from a recent post by Leo Hohmann warning about the dangers of the New World Order’s WHO Treaty

Michele Bachmann reports directly from WHO World Health Assembly in Geneva: ‘No dissent registered by any nation thus far to proposed amendments nor to global pandemic treaty’

James Roguski also weighs in: ‘I can appreciate a skillfully crafted evil plan, and that’s what I see…’ There will be a lot of people deceived

Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is in Geneva this week as part of a small team of prayer warriors interceding for the very serious situation in which the world finds itself. We are on the brink of a major historical event in which power is in the process of shifting from nation-states to international bodies affiliated with the United Nations. It’s that process and how to accomplish it that’s being discussed right now at the 76th annual World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.

Bachmann will be monitoring the proceedings regarding major amendments to the International Health Regulations (last amended in 2005) as well as an all-new pandemic accord that would shift massive amounts of power from national governments over to the United Nations World Health Organization and its director general….

Bachmann stated in a text message that the WHO’s 194 member nations will take a final vote on whether to hand over their sovereignty to the WHO one year from today at the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024.

“That vote will be on the package of 300 amendments supplanting (changing) the current International Health Rules,” she said. “The delegates will also vote on the global pandemic health treaty/accord.”

Those two documents will be synthesized and coordinated and will be voted on at the same event in Geneva in May 2024, Bachmann explained.

“There was no dissent registered by any nation thus far at the World Health Assembly 2023 to either the proposed 300 amendments nor to the global pandemic treaty,” she said. “It is a unified voice of support for passage of the amendments and the proposed pandemic treaty.”

She further stated that a U.S. delegate to the Assembly (there are many alternates listed) spoke today, May 23, in favor of passing the package of proposed international health amendments and the global pandemic accords.

Barring intervention, the timetable and agenda are in place for passage in May 2024.

See more at

Below is a recent interview with Bachmann on the War Room: