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“One of the Most Important Journalists in the Trump Era” – TGP’s Joe Hoft Joins Italian TV ‘Canale Italia’ to Discuss Various Topics in the News

Joe Hoft, twin brother of The Gateway Pundit’s founder Jim Hoft, joined Italian TV last night.  He started off the show answering a number of questions about what really is going on in the US.

Joe Hoft, contributing writer at TGP, joined Vito Monaco at Canale Italia TV to discuss various items in the news from a US perspective.  At one point in the discussion, Joe was referred to as “one of the most important journalists in the Trump era”.

Joe was asked about Evergrande and the coming economic crisis in China. Next, Joe discussed Americans’ feelings about Afghanistan.  He shared, in part, the following:

In Afghanistan Americans look at what happened there as really, borderline treason.  We gave a terrorist organization, and half of the leaders in the Taliban are still listed as terrorists under the US terrorist list, and yet we gave them $82 billion worth of arms, vehicles.  We basically gave them one of the largest air forces in the world and walked away with nothing.  Many Americans were very upset about that, still are, and the fact that 13 soldiers died shortly before departure, was very upsetting.  It’s just a very sad situation in America today… Many Americans put the blame on this solely with Biden.

Next, there was a discussion on an upcoming energy crisis and then some discussion on the 2020 Election where Joe shared the following.

We do believe that the election was not accurate.  Today another poll came out, 60% of Americans believe Joe Biden only won the election due to fraud…

Finally, there was a discussion about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Rome to meet the Pope.  The question discussed was what was addressed and why.  Watch Joe’s response below.

“For the Very First Time You’re Really Going to See How Sick this System is that We Call Our Election and Voting System” – Jovan Pulitzer Gives Terrific Interview on Upcoming Arizona Audit Results

Jovan Pulitzer gave an excellent interview yesterday on the morning radio show ‘Tomorrow’s News Today’ with Joe Hoft at St. Louis Real Talk radio station 93.3.  

Pulitzer is the first pundit after the 2020 election to encourage Americans to focus on the ballots.  His ideas and arguments surrounding forensically auditing the ballots in the election made sense.  He argued that the ballots were tangible assets that could be provided in a court of law and that and deficiencies in paper, ink, counts, folds, layouts or other areas could easily be identified and explained in court.  For example, absentee ballots that don’t have folds, never made it through the mail.  Items like this are easily identified and isolated as invalid.

We encouraged President Trump to order these forensic audits across the states where he suddenly lost early in the morning of November 4th.  It didn’t happen.

President Trump PLEASE CREATE AN EXECUTIVE ORDER and Have 2020 Ballots and Images Audited in Select States Using Jovan Pulitzer Method

However, the patriots in Arizona did believe in Pulitzer’s argument and they fought for a forensic audit in Arizona and the Senate eventually obliged.  This Friday the results of this exercise are expected.

Pulitzer was on with Joe Hoft and his co-host Kell Brazil on the morning radio show ‘Tomorrow’s News Today’ at St. Louis Real Talk radio station 93.3 on Friday.  The interview was very entertaining but also there were numerous bits of information for listeners.

Pulitzer shared:

I think you need to prepare for the reality it’s going to be big.  That’s item one.  You’re going to want to pay attention to if the Senate for any reason left any findings out.  That’s going to be important and you’re going to want to know that.  You’re going to want to ask that question.  Somtimes it’s not about what is in, it’s about what didn’t make it in, for whatever reason.  Not that this is going to happen.

I still believe it’s going to be monumental.  I believe it’s the first time history that the American people or the people of  the world, this is the first time this has ever occurred…

…So for the very first time you’re really going to see how sick this system is that we call our election and voting system.  It’s about as efficient as a 1980’s fax machine. And you’re going to look at it and go wow why didn’t we do anything with it, and they’re going to try to say well that’s not really what it looks like and that’s not really what it is and that’s not how it happened.

And as long as you understand that the media does have a horse in this game and their game is to tell you you’re an idiot and you’re a conspiracy theorist.  As long as you can put that aside and believe with your own eyes and if you can understand how it’s done, which I’m trying to teach people how it’s done, here it is or whatever, then your eyes are open and when your eyes are open they’ll never be shut again. That’s what this drill and exercise is and that’s why this is the most important time in history to be alive…

Next Pulitzer described what you can do and then he shared this when the issue of a Californian identifying a voting discrepancy was raised:

You know what’s interesting, you’re responsible for that.  Did you know that?  Not that you made the ballots, but the Gateway Pundit’s responsible for it because you did an intervewi with me.  I taught people how to recalibration.  What to look for in a ballot, and now you have smart voters all over the state of California before the election sending us photos of their ballots.  You’ve made a difference in the history of people by teaching them to look at their ballots.  For the first time in history people were smart enough to really look at that instrument that was sent to them and identify all the ways it was crooked.

Pulitzer then talked about your rights being violated under equal rights under the law.  The remaining interview was exceptional and hopeful and honest.  “We save the country, we save the world.”

Next Friday will be the day in Arizona. 

Joe Hoft on Redeemer Broadcasting

Top News Stories – Joe Hoft
What are some of the top news stories from the point of view of a key journalist of our times? COVID continues to be in the news. Are there highlights that are not being reported because news outlets are trying to be political? What have we learned about India? How about Israel? How is the vaccine doing? Is there anything being covered up? And the 3 November election. Now that documentation is continuing to build regarding fraud, what are some highlights? Will we ever get to the bottom of what transpired in the past presidential election? Today we talk with the contributing editor of The Gateway Pundit. He shares what events took place in his life – the education and experiences that helped him become an internationally travelled auditor. How did these experiences help him in reporting the ignored news of the past election? His auditing in the financial corporate world intersects with some of the principles of integrity that are involved in a forensic audit in the election. Participants: Joe Hoft, Dan Elmendorf

Joe Hoft on Italian News

Joe Hoft was on with Italian TV on September 10 only hours before Hoft’s interview with President Trump.  Hoft shared the comments from the Italians with the President.

Joe Hoft Joins Jim Hoft and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer to Discuss 2020 Election Audits

Noted inventor and data analyst Jovan Hutton Pulitzer joined Jim and Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit today at 4 PM Eastern to discuss the latest updates in the patriotic movement for election integrity.

Jovan shared breaking news on the Democrat Party’s attempts to steal the elections from 2020 and beyond.

The Democrats are attempting to push through Congress a bill that will change elections forever.  We’ve reported on HR1 previously:

SHOCKING: The Democrats’ First Bill of 2021 Is to Lock In Fraudulent Election Maneuvers and Steal Elections in Perpetuity

Pulitzer shared that HR1 is written like it is doing what it is not.  They always do this.  HR1 is – “For the People Act of 2021“  It is everything but that.

Also, Pulitzer discussed the latest breaking news related to the Biden Attorney General’s attempt to crack down on audits by ensuring they abide by election laws.

Jovan shared, “America wants answers.  America understands kinematic artifacts… a discipline… easy to understand.”  It is really weird that this technology that came about in the ’80s is not being used today in elections.

Pulitzer talked about the ‘target’ on ballots that may be out of compliance which will impact the results of the election.  We reported on this today:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE – HUGE: Ballot Printing Companies Better Lawyer Up – 2020 Ballots Were Modified in Multiple Republican Areas Forcing Adjudication and Potential Fraudulent Vote Switching

The interview was loaded with information but also very entertaining.

You can watch it here:

The video is also on Rumble:

It can also be viewed at Jovan’s sites links are and

Please know that there are a number of Americans who are fighting for fair and free elections.