“Cannibals Ate My Uncle” Turns Into Just Another Joe Biden Lie (HILLARIOUS VIDEO) | Joe Hoft


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“Cannibals Ate My Uncle” Turns Into Just Another Joe Biden Lie (HILLARIOUS VIDEO)

Joe Biden claimed that his uncle was eaten by cannibals in a speech this week.  Now his team takes it all back. 

Biden was apparently putting his foot in his mouth when he made crazy remarks about his uncle being eaten by cannibals during World War II.  This guy is crazy.

The poor union workers in the background looked like it was torture standing behind Crazy Joe telling his stories and lies.  They looked like that was the last place they wanted to be.

A video was produced of the speech.  (This is HILLARIOUS)

It turns out the entire story was a lie.

In Scranton he visited a World War II memorial that bears the name of his maternal uncle, Ambrose J. Finnegan, who the Biden family referred to as ‘Uncle Bosie’.

Biden described how Finnegan’s plane was ‘shot down’ and implied that he was flying the aircraft.

According to the president his uncle ‘got shot down in an area where there were a lot of cannibals at the time…they never recovered his body.’

However, Pentagon records have emerged flatly contradicting the president’s claims.

They show that the aircraft – an A-20 Havoc – suffered engine failure and was lost over the sea, rather than landing in a jungle amid cannibalistic tribes.

The records also show that Finnegan was a passenger on a non-combat flight. He was listed on the manifest as a ‘courier’.

It was the latest in a litany of stories Biden has told which have later been found to include factual errors or exaggerations.

Joe Biden lies when he doesn’t have to which tells you that he can’t be trusted at all. 

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