Caitlin Clark Wins 2nd Honda Cup After Proving She’s the Best Basketball Player in America. | Joe Hoft


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Caitlin Clark Wins 2nd Honda Cup After Proving She’s the Best Basketball Player in America.

Caitlin Clark and Nike

Caitlin Clark wins 2nd Honda Cup after proving she’s the best basketball player in America.

The AP reports:

 Caitlin Clark joined her idol Maya Moore as a two-time winner of the Honda Cup, earning the prestigious award for the second straight year Monday night.

The former Iowa star, who finished her career as the all-time Division I scoring leader, joined Moore (2010, 2011), Tracy Caulkins (1982, 1984) and Rachel Garcia (2019, 2021) as the only people to accomplish that.

“It’s hard to wrap your head around,” Clark told the AP in a phone interview Monday night. “To be in the same air as her is pretty incredible. She’s someone I grew up idolizing since I was 10 years old and wanted to do everything like her.”

Clark couldn’t make the awards show because she’s in the middle of her first WNBA season, starring with the Indiana Fever. She missed the chance to spend time with the other Honda Cup finalists.

“It stinks,” Clark said of missing the show. “Getting to meet people outside your sport is what makes this event so fun. Getting to hear about their lives and what they do.”

The Honda Cup honors the nation’s top NCAA women’s athletes for not only what they do athletically, but also their leadership, academic excellence and eagerness to participate in community service. The ceremony was moved to New York this year after spending the previous 12 years in Los Angeles.

After shattering records in the NCAA, Clark moved on to the WNBA.  Despite having a horrible coach, teammates who won’t pass to her and players in the league who want to hurt her, Clark is tops in the game in scoring, threes, free throws and assists.

In so doing, Clark has increase WNBA attendance astronomically.

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