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Budget Deal Ignores Spending on Illegal Aliens and Spending on Censoring Conservatives

Budget deal and talks don’t even mention preventing the US government from spending money on illegal aliens or from spending money on censoring conservatives.  But that’s ok with McCarthy.

What a sad day this is for the USA.  Speaker McCarthy just gave Biden the ability to censor conservatives and pay for illegal aliens.  WTH!

Dr. Peter Navarro wrote at the Washington Times:

Historians will mark Mr. McCarthy’s Memorial Day weekend surrender not as an important, courageous and prescient turning point but as one more political misstep toward a prolonged war with stagflation — simultaneous slow growth or recession plus inflation. Just like in the 1970s, the stagflation we are now witnessing has both “demand-pull” and “cost-push” components.

Demand-pull inflation results when too much money chases too few goods. This is exactly what happens when you add mega-trillions in government spending to an economy already straining at the inflationary seams. Mr. Biden and a Democratic majority in Congress did this with the passage of a trio of spending bills — the last a $1.7 trillion inflationary coup de grace passed in a lame-duck session with the shameful assistance of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s RINO wing of the Senate.

Navarro was on the War Room to discuss.

Breitbart said on Monday that the bill would cut $2.1 trillion in spending.

Preliminary numbers from the CBO, available on Monday ahead of a formal estimate expected to be released soon, show the deal would amount to more than $2.12 trillion in spending cuts.

“Our preliminary CBO score shows that the 6 year top lines we set in this bill would amount to the largest deficit reduction bill in history, over $2.12 trillion,” one House GOP leadership aide told Breitbart News.

But even Rep. Nancy Mace says the bill contains a bed of lies.

Rep. Nancy Mace on GOP’s Spending Bill: “I’m a Single Mom with Two Teenage Kids and I Cannot Look Them in the Eye and Say I Voted for This”

What I’d like to know is will the bill prevent the federal government from spending money to censor conservatives.

We know the FBI paid Twitter to censor conservatives.  The State Department paid fake “fact-checker” Politifact to make up hit pieces on conservatives.   The State Department also funded the Global Disinformation Initiative to fund the targeting of conservative advertisers.

BOMBSHELL REVELATION: State Department’s GEC, Soros’s Open Society, the EU, and UK Are Funding the “Disinformation Index”: A Pseudo-Nonprofit that “Blacklists” Conservative News from Online Advertisers

We also know the Defense Department paid for fake fact-checker Newsgard.

We also know that illegals are let into this country.  Somehow they are being fed and housed and we have no idea how this is happening or how the US taxpayer is paying for it.

America needs less spending not more.

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