BROCK PURDY – “MR. IRRELEVANT” – His Faith in Jesus Christ Carries Him to the Super Bowl (VIDEO) | Joe Hoft


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BROCK PURDY – “MR. IRRELEVANT” – His Faith in Jesus Christ Carries Him to the Super Bowl (VIDEO)

Brock Purdy

Brock Purdy kept his faith in Jesus and takes it with him to the Super Bowl.


This kid was the VERY LAST PLAYER selected in the 2022 draft.

261 other candidates were selected before the San Francisco 49ers spent the very last pick in the draft on the QB from Iowa State.

Of the 261 young men selected in that draft, the vast majority of then did not win an NFL job, or 2 years later were unable to stay in the league. Less than 120 of those draft candidates managed to win a job with one of the NFL’s 31 teams.

Most will that did make will do so only for 2-4 years. They will never draw much attention. Out of every draft there’s only around 50 or so that become impact players and there’s only a handful that become stars.

The odds were vastly stacked against this kid. Most players drafted in the end of the 7th round are luck if they make a team and hang around the league making the NFL minimum $770,000/season.

The last player drafted earns the nickname “Mr. Irrelevant” because its assumed someone drafted so low in the 7th round will never make any real impact on an NFL team.

Brock Purdy quick demonstrated as a rookie he was no “Mr. Irrelevant”. Due to injuries, the 49er coaching staff ended taking Purdy and throwing him into the deep end and seeing if he’d sinks or swim.

He swam, and he swam great. He led his team to the NFC Championship game, where the Philadelphia Eagles won.

2023 the kid went back out there and led a dominant SF team to a 12-4 record and this time in the NFC Champions hip game, Purdy led the 49ers to a victory over the Detroit Lions to advance to Super Bowl LVIII, on February 11.

Is “Mr. Irrelevant”, the last guy picked in the 2022 draft about to lead San Francisco to a Super Bowl win?

I have no idea. But I will be rooting for this great kid who loves Jesus and isn’t shy about sharing his great faith.

See the following video of Brock Purdy on his faith in Jesus Christ.

Here is the media’s reaction to Purdy this past week after winning the NFC Championship and heading to the Super Bowl:

Purdy scampers:

Another great story of American greatness founded in the belief in Jesus Christ. 

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