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Brian Kennedy on China Being Behind Iran and Terrorism (VIDEO)

Brian Kennedy was on the War Room and he discussed the Chinese being behind Iran and terrorism.

Brian Kennedy joined Steve Bannon on the War Room yesterday to discuss the Middle East and China.  Kennedy is the Chairman of the Committed on the Present Danger of China.

Kennedy started by stating that the Biden Administration reached out to Iran while the Trump Administration tried to isolate them.  Biden’s actions gave encouragement to Iran.  Hezbollah and Hamas are proxies for the Persians (Iran) where the Persians are proxies for Communist China.

If you’re Israel how can you trust anything that comes out of Joe Biden’s mouth?

Kennedy then asks where is Congress in stopping the invasion on the Southern Border.

We’ve caught 3,000 Communist Chinese at the border, men.

Some estimates are that 100,000 Communist Chinese are in this country.

The American elites, the Communist Chinese, Iran and Hamas hate America.

Watch the excellent video below:


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