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BREAKING: Three Men Acquitted in Whitmer Kidnapping – Whole Thing Created by Corrupt FBI

Whitmer Kidnapping

Moments ago three men were acquitted in the Whitmer kidnapping saga. 

Three men were set up by the government in the make-believe kidnapping of corrupt Michigan governor Whitmer.  Today they were acquitted.

Latest Whitmer Kidnapping Trial – One Fed Tells Another Fed to Drive By Whitmer Cottage – Brothers in the Back Seat Indicted

The FBI that created this entire plot is the same FBI who at the same time ignored real election crimes taking place in the state.

BLACK PILL OF THE WEEK: Same FBI That Created BS Whitmer Case Ignored Legitimate Police Report in Michigan

Moments ago these three men were acquitted in a Michigan court.

These guys were set up by the tyrannical US government. They are innocent.

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