BREAKING: Missouri AG Sues School Board for Excluding Parents from Discussions About Transgender Bathroom Access | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING: Missouri AG Sues School Board for Excluding Parents from Discussions About Transgender Bathroom Access

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Missouri’s Attorney General is suing the Wentzville School Board for withholding discussions about transgender bathroom and locker room use from the parents in the district. 

St. Louis Today reports:

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is suing the Wentzville school board over claims the district excluded parents from discussions about bathroom and locker room access for transgender students.

In a suit filed Tuesday, Bailey claims the school board violated the state’s open meetings law when members met in closed session over the summer to discuss a policy for transgender students to request arrangements such as using a single-stall bathroom or locker room.

“Parents have the right to know who is in the bathroom with their children,” Bailey said in a statement. “Members of the Wentzville School board knowingly and purposefully denied parents that right when they shrouded the transgender student bathroom usage policy in secrecy, directly violating the Open Meetings Law.”

It’s unclear if the district adopted the policy, and it’s unclear how many students identify as transgender in the Wentzville School District, one of the largest in the state with more than 17,000 students.

The Wentzville school district is one of the most conservative districts in the country but the school system has been taken over by radicals.  The district is located in conservative St. Charles County west of St. Louis.  This is where conservatives landed after leaving the liberal led St Louis city and county.  It’s good conservative Americans who love God, their family and their country.

This isn’t the first time the Wentzville School District was in the news.  This district pushed a nasty cop shooting question in an exam.

The district has taught CRT and racism.

Missouri’s Wentzville School District Is Back in the News After CRT Racist Political Propaganda Was Reported Being Taught in the Classrooms

A cop related question was discovered that was repulsive.

Wentzville School District Comes Under Fire for Disgusting Cop Shooting Test Question (VIDEO)

Now this. 


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