BREAKING: Michigan Patriots Call for Stop the Steal Event in Lansing on March 16 | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING: Michigan Patriots Call for Stop the Steal Event in Lansing on March 16

Michigan patriot to hold Stop the Steal Event on March 16, 2024 in Lansing, Michigan.

What a mess Michigan has become.

After the stolen 2020 election in Michigan a number of courageous citizens in Michigan stood up.  The GOP was not with them.  The GOP was with the steal.  When Rudy Giuliani went to Michigan and showed buckets of information and numerous witnesses showing tremendous fraud and wrongdoing in the 2020 Election, the GOP sided with the corrupt Democrats.

One individual who stood out was Kristina Karamo.  In 2023, Karamo was elected the Head of the GOP in Michigan.  Immediately, the RINOs in Michigan began plotting against Karamo.

Across the country the RINOs and Elites in the GOP have worked against the American people they are supposed to represent.  Those who stand up, like President Trump, are attacked unjustly.  This is what happened to Kristina Karamo.

After all sorts of efforts to remove Karamo from her duly elected position, Karamo found herself in court.  The judge ruled alongside the elites that Karamo was not the legitimate GOP Head and that instead Pete Hoekstra, the former Kasich backer from Michigan who was a big supporter of the Patriot Act, was awarded the GOP Head position.

So rather than support efforts to better protect the elections in Michigan, the Michigan GOP opted to take out the duly elected Michigan Chair through the courts.  They couldn’t beat her in a vote, they needed a judge to steal the vote.  (Note that this is the opposite of election integrity.)

EXCLUSIVE: Michigan GOP Elites Execute Coup of Kristina Karamo, End Election Integrity Efforts, and Continue Cover-Up

After Hoekstra took over he began working like a tyrant.

The below video explains how Hoekstra is leading an effort that goes outside of party policy in his effort to take over the GOP in Michigan.  Hoekstra and his team ignore the rules of the state GOP and are creating a mess in the process.  It looks like they are out to destroy the GOP in Michigan.

This video explains the situation and the mess that is going on in Michigan.

 Shame on those in Michigan who have convinced President Trump that it is better to steal an election and put in place a RINO who backed Kasich rather than stick with an America first – election integrity worker like Kristina Karamo.  

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Michigan Patriots Call for Stop the Steal Event in Lansing on March 16”

  1. Joe, thank you for being dauntless in your fine work to support the truth. So many believe the globalist media propagandists because they became the only game in town. Their monopoly eliminates on ramps for new media startups.

    When Pete Hoekstra was ordained by the media, every major globalist outlet, and even Wikipedia, had him pegged as the new MIGOP chair in two days. Grassroots can’t get a message of truth out of the state because of the dome of suppression by the same outlets, and the pervasive globalist ownership of media.

    Having been part of the grassroots effort, and the voice of the people. I attended both of the conferences that gave the party back to the people. It was historic.

    Now, these money launderers, judges, uni-party collaborators and the corrupt propagandists have been fully exposed with this story if anyone is paying attention. Their machine has come to full maturity, and they are in full coverup mode.

    I am surprised that John Solomon helped in the coronation, and Steve Bannon and Michael Patrick Leahy refuse to run this story. I am quickly losing hope that any media outlet is unaffected by coercion and suppression.

    Thank you for telling the story.

  2. The political parties, especially the Democrats and the Republicans, have become the gatekeepers of which candidates get on the ballot. They do this from the top and the voice of the people never gets heard when the old GOP runs the operation.

    Evidenced by the Democrat push for Joe Biden on the ballot, and the ousting of Kristina Karamo. Grassroots has been doing the ground work to find good candidates that known by the locals, rather than be forced by to accept the choice selections of the centralists.

    It’s obvious the parties want nothing to do with candidates elected by precincts to be on the ballots. All state and federal offices on ballots are selected by the centralists the run the state parties. They allow no money for anyone except their selections.

    In 2022, Kristina Karamo received $5,000 from the RNC to run as the Secretary of State. When she was elected as the chair, all 9 families that run the central political machine withdrew every dime from the newly minted party, then accused them of being poor fundraisers. They used this lie to promote propaganda to destroy the grassroots movement even though the Karamo operation raised more grassroots money than the old GOP.

    I find it interesting that Trump rubber stamped the Hoekstra lie even though he may not have known it was a lie. It was a lie by the same people who support election fraud on mass-scale in the state, and the region. These people own politicians and promote monopolies. They have been complicit in destroying businesses in the state through policy and propaganda.

    These are globalists who have enough money to insulate themselves from the chaos they support on the street. The 30,000 small businesses that were destroyed in the time of COVID, are never coming back, and these oligarchs do not care about creating a business friendly environment in the state.

    They work with Whitmer, Nessel, Benson and the same people that helped implement the GBI election fraud machine and never fought Zuck-Bucks drop boxes and mail-in ballot fraud. These are the GOP side of the uni-party.


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