BREAKING: Latest Rasmussen Poll Shows 60% of Voters Think Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Should Be Impeached for His Role in Hunter Laptop

Voters Want Consequences in ‘Laptop From Hell’ Scandal where corrupt Intel guys claim it was Russian disinformation when it wasn’t.  

Rasmussen Reports released a poll this morning on the 50+ top members of the intelligence community who lied and claimed that Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation before the 2020 Election.

A majority of voters believe Secretary of State Anthony Blinken should be impeached for his reported role in helping suppress news about Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 presidential campaign. Sixty percent (60%) of Likely U.S. voters believe Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against Blinken, who was reportedly one of the members of Joe Biden’s campaign team involved in falsely labeling the Hunter Biden laptop story “Russian disinformation.” Twenty-five percent (25%) don’t think Congress should launch an impeachment against Blinken, while 15% are not sure.

Days after the New York Post first reported about Hunter Biden’s lost laptop in October 2020, 51 former intelligence officials signed an open letter falsely claiming the story was “Russian disinformation.” Sixty-three percent (63%) of voters believe the officials who signed that letter should lose their security clearances. Fourteen percent (14%) don’t think the intelligence officials should lose their security clearances, and 23% are not sure.

Here are the poll results – most Americans believe the lying intel leaders who said that Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinfo should not be provided security clearances going forward.  Most American voters also believe Blinken should be impeached:

Most Americans also believe that this was more damaging to the US election than anything Russia did in 2016 (which is was since very little happened in 2016).

And finally, the news media is not giving this story the press it deserves which is no surprise since it involves the corrupt Democrats.

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