BREAKING: Judge Cannon Takes Some Huge Actions in FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid Case | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING: Judge Cannon Takes Some Huge Actions in FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid Case

Judge Cannon and Corrupt Jack Smith

Judge Cannon appears to be one of the only federal judges in America who has the courage and smarts to stand up to the Biden/Obama Deep State. 

Julie Kelly reported on a couple documents from the Mar-a-Lago raid case involving corrupt Jack Smith in Florida.

NEW: A few new briefs in FLA docs case. Jack Smith still pushing for partial gag order on the basis Pres. Trump’s “inflammatory” language about MAL raid endangers law enforcement.

Trump’s team responds with their own criticism of Biden’s lies about SCOTUS immunity opinion:

And this,

Jack Smith’s gag order attempt was filed just a few days after I broke the story about the FBI’s ops plan related to use of lethal force policy and details of the armed, surprise raid.

As I have noted, the gag order is nothing more than an attempt to cover DOJ/FBI’s track and turn them into victims not perpetrators of a potentially dangerous–and unnecessary–raid for government papers.

See below:

Kelly also writes:

BREAKING: Judge Cannon just granted Trump’s motion to pause some deadlines in FLA doc case to consider SCOTUS’ immunity opinion and potential impact on the case. Trump’s lawyers filed the motion yesterday

Kelly also writes:

Trump again raises Biden’s inappropriate remarks after SCOTUS opinion as proof the White House in interfering in the case.

Trump also accuses DOJ of recently leaking info to media–something Judge Cannon admonished special counsel about when she appointed a special master in 9/22. I don’t think she will be too happy about this.

See below:

Kelly also writes:

In pushing for the gag order, Jack Smith (Jay Bratt in his usual petulant demanding tone) insists “public servants” incl Alvin Bragg have been threatened directly due to Trump’s public comments.

DOJ adds unsubstantiated news reports about threats to judges and random replies on social media as more evidence.

During gag order hearing, Judge Cannon (per usual) was not impressed by DOJ’s arguments. Keep in mind, a Texas woman is in jail right now for making serious death threats to Cannon–it’s not like Cannon has not been the subject of fierce and sustained attacks by Democratic influencers and Dem politicians.

This is just silly:

Then Kelly makes some predictions.

Pending deadlines that are stayed relate to CIPA litigation and expert disclosures for trial. (Not gag order motion)

Cannon set a briefing schedule on immunity matter thru this month. Very likely she’ll set a hearing sometime in August.

We are still waiting for the hearing on scope of prosecution motion—originally set for last month but delayed due to other more urgent motions.

My guess is that hearing will be indefinitely postponed until immunity question is resolved, which is unfortunate bc it addresses collusion btw Biden WH, NARA, and DOJ to concoct a docs case against Trump dating back to spring 2021.

Here is Kelly’s tweet.

Judge Cannon is strong, smart, just and full of courage.  This case should be thrown out and the bad actors involved should be imprisoned. 

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Judge Cannon Takes Some Huge Actions in FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid Case”

  1. If the OPPOSING CANDIDATES DOJ is acting unconstitutionally, threatening WE THE PEOPLES liberty by attempting to take WE THE PEOPLES right to select WHO will Lead the United States, I would expect the court would REFUSE any such gag order, as the DOJs unconstitutional behavior deserves far worse than an angry WE THE PEOPLE. Tyranny has CONSEQUENCES!

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