BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Caught in Another Lie, Claimed He Was Clean and Sober At the Same Time the FBI Found Cocaine on His Gun | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Caught in Another Lie, Claimed He Was Clean and Sober At the Same Time the FBI Found Cocaine on His Gun


Reports are that Hunter Biden was clean and sober at the time that the FBI found cocaine on his gun.  How can this be?

People magazine shared a garbage fluff piece in July, 2019 that indicated that Hunter Biden was clean and sober since 2016.  The garbage piece also shared some intimate moments that Hunter reportedly had with his father (which we guess now are likely not true).  We cand state this with confidence because the piece also claimed that Hunter was wrongly accused of being the father of a woman in Arkansas which has proved since the date of this garbage piece to have been proven accurate. The Arkansas girl was a stripper who he claimed he never had sex with.

Here is a portion of People‘s BS piece:

According to the magazine, Hunter first relapsed in November 2010, after seven years of sobriety, and then again in 2013. He returned to Crossroads after the 2010 relapse and then, after the 2013 relapse, sought out a Mexican clinic that used the psychoactive substance ibogaine as a form of treatment. He also met with an expert in Vedic meditation in Arizona. In the fall of 2014 he went to a 12-step retreat and in 2015 he went to rehab at a center out of the University of Pennsylvania followed by an inpatient program and another program in Washington, D.C., that required a Breathalyzer. He returned to the 12-step retreat in February 2016 before entering another rehab in D.C. That same year, he went to Grace Grove.

Though he relocated to Maryland in August 2017, he and Hallie broke up “several months later,” according to The New Yorker. But their split did not become public for more than a year. Within weeks of that most recent headline, he met Cohen, a documentary filmmaker, in Los Angeles.

He got a tattoo to match hers — “shalom,” in Hebrew, on his left bicep — days after their first date, according to The New Yorker. He proposed within a week of meeting her. After they married, with “the simplest gold wedding bands he could find,” according to the magazine, he called his father.

“He was on speaker, and he said to her, ‘Thank you for giving my son the courage to love again,’ ” Hunter said of his dad.

The former vice president told Hunter, “Honey, I knew that when you found love again that I’d get you back,” Hunter said.

His response: “Dad, I always had love. And the only thing that allowed me to see it was the fact that you never gave up on me, you always believed in me.” As with his relationship with Hallie, word of his new wife spread quickly to reporters.

That is not the only reason Hunter has been in the news, however: He was recently sued in Arkansas by a woman who claims he had a child with her but is ignoring the baby.

He said he never had sex with her, according to The New Yorker. (“She does not want this to affect Joe Biden’s campaign, she just wants this baby to get financial support,” her attorney has said.)

Hunter has also faced scrutiny from conservative activists and Trump allies about whether he ever did improper work in Ukraine — allegations others have dismissed as a baseless right-wing “conspiracy” spread in part by the president’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. (Hunter has not been accused of a crime.)

However, it came out today that the FBI found cocaine on his gun pouch he allegedly purchased in October of 2018.

A new court filing by federal prosecutors on Tuesday claims the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found cocaine powder on a firearm pouch Hunter Biden used for a gun he allegedly purchased in October of 2018.

In a response motion to Hunter Biden’s selective prosecution claim filed by Special Counsel David Weiss, federal prosecutors documented that FBI investigators allegedly discovered cocaine after obtaining the firearm in 2023.

“In 2023, FBI investigators pulled sealed evidence from the state police vault to take photographs of the defendant’s firearm,” the response motion stated. “After opening the evidence, FBI investigators observed a white powdery substance on the defendant’s brown leather pouch that had held the defendant’s firearm in October 2018.”

Federal prosecutors explained that based on experience and training, the FBI investigators believed the white substance was “likely cocaine” and that the evidence would “corroborate the messages that investigators had obtained which showed the defendant buying and using drugs in October 2018.”

There is nothing these people say that is true.  Nothing. Hunter is not clean and sober.  It’s simply not true. 

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