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BREAKING HUGE: Fulton County, Georgia Attorneys Resign – Reason Unknown – May Be Related to Conflicts

Two Fulton County attorneys resigned tonight as was reported moments ago.

These attorneys who may have been involved in the 2020 Election, including the case where VoterGA has requested the ability to look at around 150,000 absentee ballots that were identified in the county during a recount that appeared to be copies all for Joe Biden.

This lawsuit to be able to audit these ballots has been caught up in the courts for years.

The case went to the Georgia Supreme Court and last Christmas the Supreme Court ruled that VoterGA had the right to review these ballots but the Georgia Appellate Court is dragging its feet and will not move this case down to the lower court where this action can take place.

Why the stalling?  Is it because the ballots are copies and it will prove that the election in Georgia was indeed won by President Trump?

Corrupt Georgia Judge Illegally Refusing to Act in 2020 Election Case – 150,000 Ballots at Stake

Tonight it was reported that two Fulton County attorneys have resigned.

Some speculate that the 150,000 ballots which are the focus of the 2020 election case by VoterGA have gone missing.

Per a discussion with Garland Favorito at VoterGA, he believes the resignations of the attorneys are due to conflicts but we have yet to determine what those conflicts are.

After delays and massive corruption, the corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Governor Kemp certified the results that awarded Joe Biden the win by 10,000 in the red state.

Raffensperger repeatedly claimed everything in the 2020 Election was fine and he even shared this on a phone call with President Trump after the election despite having ample evidence that the election was corrupted.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Politicians’ Blatant Cover-Up of Corruption in State Farm Arena in 2020 Election Exposed

More to come. 

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