BREAKING: FBI Lies and Creates New Reasons Not to Provide Seth Rich’s Laptops Despite Court Order | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING: FBI Lies and Creates New Reasons Not to Provide Seth Rich’s Laptops Despite Court Order

Seth Rich

Since 2016, those interested in Seth Rich’s murder have wanted to get the information and evidence behind his murder.  The corrupt FBI won’t provide evidence surrounding the case, lies, and takes actions to bury it forever. 

Attorney Ty Clevenger has worked to obtain the evidence behind Seth Rich’s murder for years.  Rich was murdered in 2016 at the time he worked at the DNC.  Many suspect that Rich is who provided DNC emails to WikiLeaks but this is being covered up because the corrupt FBI wanted to blame the production of these damning emails on Russia which we all know now is a lie.

Below is what Clevenger provided on Thursday evening.

The FBI is playing really dirty. In an attempt to avoid disclosure of Seth’s personal and work laptops, the agency has invented a new story.  For the first time, the FBI is claiming that BOTH of Seth Rich’s laptops are relevant to the murder investigation, therefore they need to withhold them ENTIRELY.

Also for the first time, the FBI claims that the personal laptop is relevant to the ongoing “Russian hacking” prosecutions (yeah, you just thought the Russian collusion hoax was over).  This begs a question: If the personal laptop is that important, then why did homicide investigators allow Seth’s brother to take it home IMMEDIATELY after the murder?

To this day, the FBI / MPD do not have a copy of the actual laptop, only an image drive made by Aaron, his brother. Why have they STILL not seized the actual laptop? And how weird is that your brother just got murdered, and the first thing you do is abscond with his laptop?  Previously, the FBI has told us that it never looked at either the work laptop or the personal laptop image. If that’s the case, then how can they know whether they are relevant to either investigation?

I also learned this evening that the FBI made a secret presentation to the court about all of this. The FBI’s sworn declaration does not give a date, but I suspect this is why Judge Mazzant has not enforced his decision ordering the FBI to produce data from the laptops.  You may recall that the FBI defied the court’s order to produce a joint production schedule for the laptop contents; instead, it cavalierly informed the court that it would be filing a motion for reconsideration. But that’s not what the FBI did…

No, the FBI filed yet another motion for summary judgment, and it follows a pattern. When the FBI loses on an issue, it files a new motion raising entirely new issues that it could have and should have raised earlier.  Even in the new motion, the FBI claims that it is reserving yet additional issues that it will raise IF it loses this motion. The plan is obvious. 

The FBI wants to drag this out not just beyond the 2024 election, but in perpetuity.  The FBI’s motion includes what purports to be the 8th sworn declaration of FBI Section Chief Michael G. Seidel. It’s actually his ninth declaration. The FBI has changed its story so many times that it is losing count. Take a look at Paragraph 1 Seidel does not give us any dates, but it looks like the FBI reached out to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in DC to concoct a new reason for withholding the laptops, i.e., “just say that it is relevant to your murder investigation.” It took seven years to figure that out?

And where is @Jim_Jordan and @JudiciaryGOP? Could @RepJamesComer @GOPoversight  @RepMattGaetz ,@RepMTG or

@SpeakerJohnson take a look at this? This has all the hallmarks of a massive cover-up (please RETWEET so we can get their attention).  Yeah, I need to upgrade my account so I don’t have to do these old-school numbered tweet strings. That’s for tomorrow.

If you’ve been following this story since 2016 you would be screaming that every member involved in this case at the corrupt DOJ and FBI should be thrown in jail. 

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  1. Why isn’t Seth Rich on the Clinton Body Count List?
    I have been asking, rhetorically, since the story about the FBI having the lap tops arose, why would the FBI be interested in lap tops for a “robbery gone wrong”?


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