BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Woman Reportedly Shoots Husband in Newtown, Connecticut After Last Posting About Child Sex Trafficking Ring | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Woman Reportedly Shoots Husband in Newtown, Connecticut After Last Posting About Child Sex Trafficking Ring

Meghan Barbour Gouveia Police Press Release

A woman in Newtown Connecticut reportedly shot her husband after sharing posts about a local sex trafficking ring. 

AbleChild provided information on a bizarre story coming out of Connecticut.

AbleChild is no stranger to Newtown Connecticut (having investigated the mass murder at Sandy Hook grade school) and its very bizarre connection to corruption. For example, there were police officers selling drugs and long guns right out of the Newtown Police Station (FBI Juicebox investigation) as well as corruption in the special education department and its connection to large law firms.  It will be interesting to see how the following story unfolds.

Sources tell us that they believe that Meghan Barbour Gouveia shot her husband in Newtown, Connecticut on Christmas Eve. Meghan Barbour Gouveia, 32, a mother of two, is reported in custody after the shooting in Newtown.  The following report was released on Christmas day.

Word has it that Gouveia shot her husband but for some reason the police haven’t reported that he was wounded by his wife.  Shortly before allegedly shooting her husband, posts appeared on Ms. Gouveia Facebook account about a sex trafficking ring at a local restaurant (Toro Restaurant) in Newtown, Connecticut. (See below)

Gouveia, a registered nurse, and her husband, work at a local hospital (Danbury Hospital).  Although there has been no reporting on exactly who Gouveia shot or even a motive for the shooting, AbleChild has learned from sources inside Newtown that they believe Gouveia did shoot her husband.

The local news reported that her husband had been shot but didn’t report that it was Gouveia who shot him.  Local news also reported that Gouveia was reportedly in and out of consciousness during her court hearing, strongly indicating that the suspect was being heavily drugged. Gouveia has no criminal history and those who knew the suspect describe her as very stable. In fact, many were shocked to hear Gouveia has been accused of this crime. Apparently, the judge felt the same and reduced the bail.

We cannot verify any claims that the mother of two made on her Facebook account.  However, citizens raised concerns on the Newtown Police Facebook account:

And this:

When it comes to the trafficking of children every avenue should be investigated.  AbleChild expects the claims by the mother to be fully investigated and is very happy the suspect’s children have landed among family members, rather than State care.

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