BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Who Wanted James Yoo Dead? He Likely Had Highest Level of Access to Transactions Between China and the West! | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Who Wanted James Yoo Dead? He Likely Had Highest Level of Access to Transactions Between China and the West!

James Yoo


On Monday night, December 4, 2023, a home in Virginia, exploded as it was surrounded by police.  James Yoo was reported in the home.

Local ABC 7 reported:

After an earth-shaking blast in an Arlington neighborhood Monday night, police officials are giving a clearer picture of the sequence of events leading to the explosion that happened hours after officers first made contact with the suspect.

Officers were first called to the home on N. Burlington Street around 4:45 p.m. after being made aware of flares being fired into the sky.

The suspect has since been identified as 56-year-old James Yoo.

“A male suspect discharged a flare-type gun from the residence more than 30 times. Officers attempted to engage with the suspect without success. A search warrant was ultimately obtained to allow our officers to secure any weapons to ensure there would be no ongoing threat to the community,” said Arlington County Police Chief Andy Penn…

…Police officials said Yoo was inside the home at the time of the explosion, and they have found human remains. They are still waiting for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to identify the body they found, but they are presuming Yoo died in the blast.

For neighbors nearby, the explosion physically and emotionally shook them to their core.

Below is a video of the explosion:

What was behind all this?

Chriss Street is a former member of Homeland Security (HS) Region 1 Advisory Committee from 2000 to 2005.  At that time he was made aware of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CFIUS”) and its authority and responsibilities as one of the 16 executive agency bodies and DNI tasked with national security reviews for foreign investments in the United States.

(Chriss Street recently joined the Joe Hoft Show to discuss California’s progressive insolvency and efforts to push forward with the state of New California.)

Chriss Street on The Joe Hoft Show – 5 December 2023 – “New California” and the Pending CA Financial Crisis

Street notes that It has been reported that former CIFIUS head of security James Yoo with police attempting to execute a search warrant, committed “suicide by cop” by exploding his house. It is Street’s perception that the size and intensity of the explosion would indicate the use of an illegal and highly restricted plastic explosive.

An internet review reveals that James Yoo was also head of security at Global Crossing Telecommunications (“GCT”), which was the first global communications provider of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) natively deployed across both its private and public worldwide networks. GCT through Singapore continues to be the dominant financial internet carrier between US and China.

While Street was a member of the HS Advisory Board in 2002, Global Crossing which at the time delivered services to more than 700 cities in more than 70 countries, filed for bankruptcy and a majority control was offered to Hong Kong based Hutchison Whampoa for $250 million and Singapore based ST Telemedia for $750 million.

CIFUIS denied Hutchison Whampoa’s bid on national security concerns based on issues of corporate control by The People’s Republic of China. Global Crossing’s subsidiary offering computer networking peering, virtual private networks, leased lines, audio and video conferencing, long-distance telephone, managed services, dialup, colocation centers and VoIP in China was sold to Asia Netcom, a wholly subsidiary of state-owned China Netcom.

It is Street’s understanding that James Yoo as head of CIFIUS security and directly involved with Global Crossing would have had the highest level of access to knowledge of outbound and inbound financial transactions regarding money wires originating in China or associated with Western companies doing business in China.

What information did Yoo have and who wanted him dead?

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  1. Targeted killings can go undetected when politics, political correctness, and the mental health industry is involved. The take over by the behavioral industry of the FBI, Police Department has left our FBI, and police without the ability to follow investigations. These clearly appear to be targeted killings. This is fabulous reporting!


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