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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Censors Archbishop Vigano – Where’s Elon?

Twitter has shut down outspoken Archbishop Vigano’s account.

On Saturday Archbishop Vigano reached out to share that his Twitter account has been shut down.

Dear Joe

I just have been suspended from Twitter!

God bless you
Archbishop Vigano

Others noticed yesterday as well.

Archbishop Vigano has been a voice of reason for so many Catholics and non-Catholics around the world.  He speaks out against the evil behind the World Economic Forum (WWF).   He spoke out against the COVID mandates.

“The Woke Ideology and the Agenda 2030 Constitute an Immense Threat to the Same Survival of Mankind” – Archbishop Vigano

He spoke out against the war in Ukraine.

EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Vigano Shares on Ukraine and Russia and Who is Responsible

He spoke out against the Pope Francis who he says is the illegitimate Pope and who is destroying the church along with his radical priests in the church.

EXCLUSIVE: Italian Archbishop Vigano Prays that “the Divine Majesty May Grant His Church Holy Shepherds Inflamed with Love for the Lord”

On Saturday Twitter had enough.  They took down his account.  Where is Elon Musk on this?  

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