BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Whole Russia Coup Was Just Another Disinfo Operation Involving a Grudge and a Music Video | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Whole Russia Coup Was Just Another Disinfo Operation Involving a Grudge and a Music Video

The whole Russian coup attempt is nothing more than another disinformation operation.

A Russian expert (who I’ll keep anonymous) says that the whole Russian coup was nothing more than a knife fight between two top Russian military leaders, Vevgeny Prigozhin and Sergei Shuygo.

This is not something new and has been reported by Ukraine news but because all the news related to this war appears to be biased, you have to be very discerning:

Yevgeny Prigozhin, “Putin’s chef” and founder of the Wagner Group private military company, has been strengthening his position in the Russian Federation; he wants to punish Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Defence Minister because of the defeats of Russian occupiers on the battlefield in Ukraine.

According to our Russian expert, the move toward Moscow was triggered by a friendly fire incident on the front.  After the rocket attack that killed several Wagner fighters, Prigozhin called for Shuygo (Russia’s Secretary of Defense) to be arrested and said that they were starting a parade to restore justice.

There is a lot of bad blood between Prigozhin and Shuygo. These two have been going at each other for months.

Last August, the Wagner group led by Prigozhin received a particularly generous gift from Putin: the option to recruit prisoners in penal colonies and guarantee them amnesty if they fight for a certain period of time against the Ukrainians. About 20,000 prisoners who took the option have since been killed.  In January, the Wagner group started complaining at an increasing rate about the undersupply of shells to their units.

Prigozhin said several times that the Ministry of Defense was jealous of Wagner’s successes, which only highlighted their failed management of the war effort, and decided to strangle his units, which finally succeeded in almost completely capturing Hammot. The Ministry of Defense at first ignored the calls, then promised to deliver the shells – but according to Prigozhin, they never did.

This little personal war escalated last month when Prigozhin publicly cursed and accused Defense Minister Shoigu and Chief of Staff Gerasimov of being responsible for the loss of thousands of soldiers. A few weeks ago, Shoigu issued an order according to which all “volunteer units” – and the Wagner force had to sign a new contract with the Ministry of Defense. Prigozhin publicly refused and repeated his refusal even after Putin hinted that this should be done. Prigozhin’s reasoning was that he was not ready to obey the failed military command.

Prigozhin also recently mocked Shoigu’s son, who is trying to make a career as a pop singer and “lives on Instagram”, while Shoigu’s operatives directed bloggers to the Veronika Prigozhin’s SM pages– who lives in the Emirates and leads a debauched life.

Here is one of Shoigu’s son’s videos.

Shoigu’s son is one of three children he had with a mistress.

This all sounds like a big mess and good song. 


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