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There is a battle over US Elections going on today.  It’s the Left’s Election Industrial Complex verses fair and transparent US elections. 

While conservatives argue over whether we should vote early or on election day, the Election Industrial Complex is adding, deleting and managing entities that are clandestinely operating behind US elections. 

A document produced by Higher Ground Labs entitled the – 2022 Political Tech Landscape Report – outlines what we have labeled the Election Industrial Complex (see document at the end of this article.)

This document begins with an introduction and summary of the results of the 2022 election using the left’s bastardization of the word “democracy” and projection of their communist actions upon those who want fair and transparent elections (emphasis added):

Voter suppression and 2020 election deniers presented onerous challenges in 2022, with active efforts to attack vote by-mail, close polling places, harass nonpartisan election administrators, and spread misinformation in Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and beyond. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in supporting coordinated responses to attacks on democracy, from refining message development to enhancing on-the-ground organizing to informing and protecting voters.

The corruption in the 2022 Arizona election processes, for example, where tens of thousands of voters were disenfranchised was obviously ignored in this document while claiming the election was “an affirmation of the Biden Administration’s focus as well as a rejection of far right extremism.”

A review of Higher Ground Labs website shows the leadership team to include many far-left actors, including:


Genachowski was Obama’s FCC Chairman in his first term.  Genachowski’s connections with Higher Ground Labs indicates that this effort may have started under the Obama regime although Higher Grounds Labs indicates it started after the Obama regime ended:

Since 2017, Higher Ground Labs has built an enduring platform for technological experimentation and iteration. We have invested in dozens of companies, many of which have become integral components of political tech for the Left. In 2020 alone, our companies reached 7,500 campaigns and 70 million voters.

If this effort started under the Obama regime, it was likely paid for using government funds during the Obama years and then it was moved to the non-profit arena after 2016.

Higher Ground Labs claims its mission is as follows:

Higher Ground Labs is a startup accelerator and venture fund. We support startups building technology that helps candidates win.

Higher Ground Labs created and published its 2022 report that describes its landscape and connections in the election industry complex.  This document outlines the many initiatives, connections and activities it is involved in and the players it interacts with to ensure radical far-left and increasingly communist anti-American Democrats win elections.

This landscape involves “non-profits” and publicly traded companies which prevent the public from requesting information that would be required to be provided by the government in FOIA requests.

The Election Industrial Complex has the look of a military operation.  

In February, Mike Benz was interviewed on Tucker where he outlined the military rule taking place in America today and how it is the opposite of democracy.  The Election Industrial Complex appears to be much of the same.

CENSORSHIP EXPERT BENZ ON TUCKER – “What I’m Describing Is Military Rule…It’s The Inversion of Democracy.”

The Election Industrial Complex is professionally designed and thought through. The landscape shows relationships between non-profits and publicly traded companies.  It uses the law, money, and influence as weapons in an environment of political warfare.

Evil uses money for engagement because money influences immediately where trust takes time. 

Money is used to incentivize.  “Trust issues” in a grass roots environment are minimized through the use of money and funding.  This landscape runs like a corporation that can add to and delete from at any time at will.  Successful ventures get paid, unsuccessful ventures are eliminated.  But the money necessary to keep it running doesn’t appear to be a problem.

The heart and soul of the landscape is the Data Analytics and Modeling framework identified in the middle of the diagram above.

The entire landscape appears to revolve around real-time advanced communications which is why the Data Analytics and Modeling framework is so important.  Similar to military operations, accurate up-to-date information is the key.  This also can be the landscape’s Achilles heel.  It’s difficult to obtain up-to-date information in complex organizations.

In the military, operation fusion centers are the hub of information management.  With good information, a fusion center can tell you where to focus and where to make command decisions.  Authentic information in a military operation is beneficial while inauthentic information can lead to your death.

In the fog of war, if you can present an environment that is believable then you can leverage it to win.

The Data Analytics and Modeling framework lists a number of entities but it omits those that have been identified since the 2020 Election.  ERIC, Dominion, BPro, KNOWiNK, CIS and other entities are omitted.

Like a military operation, the placement of the commander is hidden at all times.  Critical components in this framework, like the entities mentioned above are not identified in the framework because they are so key.  Data Analytics and Modeling relies on these entities for up-to-date information coming from these key entities.

The landscape includes segments and related entities used to manipulate Democrat election wins.  This landscape includes the Democrat owned media and digital content using entities like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.  Notably, these social media giants are referred to as “Owned Media”.

The biggest concern of the Left in the report is that messaging about the stolen 2020 Election was allowed on social media.  No discussion of the massive Censorship Industrial Complex is mentioned.  Also, no discussion of the mountains of evidence proving the 2020 Election never should have been certified is mentioned.

The truth doesn’t appear to be necessary.  Trust is not an issue.  Money runs the operation and messages that aren’t consistent with the Election Complex Industry are attacked through the Censorship Industrial Complex.

The fundraising landscape includes ActBlue, Stripe and Bonterra.  The landscape shares the following about ActBlue:

Once again, ActBlue helped funnel billions of dollars to Democratic campaigns and causes throughout the 2022 cycle. The platform processed $3.5 billion to 27,305 campaigns and organizations. These contributions came from 7.4 million unique donors who, in tandem, made 86 million individual contributions; their average donation size was $40.05. In comparison to the 2018 midterm cycle, the total number of contributions and dollars raised doubled, reflecting both the growth of the Party’s small dollar donor base and the sense of urgency felt across this cycle to take action in response to unprecedented challenges to our long held freedoms.

This document omits evidence that shows that millions in these “donations” are coming from “donor mules” with many of these individuals unemployed and unaware that their name is being used to launder money to the Democrat Party.  Of course, this type of information is omitted from this landscape because it is criminal.

Other frameworks within the Election Industrial Complex are also discussed in the document below that is referred to above – 2022 Political Tech Landscape Report – from Higher Ground Labs.

HGL 2022 Political Tech Landscape Report_033023 (Clean) by Joe Ho on Scribd

While the GOP is debating whether to vote in person or vote early, the communists on the far-left are working on new entities and activities within their Political Industrial Complex to ensure a Democrat win in November 2024. 

(Joe Hoft is the author of three books related to the 2020 Election which have been referred to as “definitive documentation of the enormous fraud in the 2020 Election” and “classics”.)

11 thoughts on “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Left’s ELECTION INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Discovered and Defined”

  1. I hope….
    their info network can be shut down (hacked?) so the cheating is discovered and/or checkmated for this vital election coming up.

    Who has the power that is not Marxist in our midst?

    • The FBI knows, this is how they maintain their power and control. The FBI has always been dirty black-ops political organization. As nasty as they get behind the CIA/NSA/DOJ/DHS.

  2. Thank you for all the hard work putting this together.

    Are there higher resolution versions of this infographic?

  3. Once Sam Bankman Fried was convicted and they threw away the key, it seems like everyone forgot about the money laundering that took place in the Ukraine and into the Marxist-Dem and RINO coffers. Just send $60 billion more with zero accountability. Our “elected” officials in Congress really act dumb more ch of the time. Why was there never any mention of Ukraine money laundering during Congressional debate. That’s why Speaker Johnson looks like a doofus. That’s why Marxist-Dems waved the Ukrainian flag, to which they pledge allegiance. Disgusting.

    • I agree 100%. However until the American People actually wake up and the Church most importantly, then we will lose our Great Country and God!

  4. “Discovered” might be a bit of a reach. Well-defined, however, is right on target. I discovered the massive social engineering apparatus, of which this is just a part, quite some time ago (as it pertains to mainly American society). What I found out out is that “the Left” is just the other arm of a Punch and Judy show where political activity is reduced, quite literally reduced to controlled opposition. The efficiency with which it is conducted is a direct consequence of the nature of the game into which this apparatus fits (Left and Right and Center), which is continued social control over the society which inherited the moral and social ruins of the “Great Society”.

    That massive social engineering scheme finds its roots in the Bolshevik invasion of the US and its accompanying movements and schemes, which were simultaneously cultural and political. Politics is downstream of culture. This all goes back much, much further, but the modern form has enough to digest that this is already enough to consider.

    That you understand and state this to be analogous to modern warfare systems (I would call them “hypermodern” or “metamodern” in this context at this point), is very spot on and the greatest part of your discovery. But the social engineering apparatus that is here considered is not novel, not new, and fresh under the eyes of investigators who operate their lenses under the paradigm of studying military grade social engineering rackets. And if you wanted to go back far enough, all you’d have to do is start with the Carolingian Popes and figure out how they got set up, and how the spread of their influence was conducted and has evolved in Europe and her colonies and other realms in her direct influence ever since.


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