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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Patrick Byrne Says Two Major Body Blows Will Hit the Deep State Soon

Patrick Byrne

In an interview on today’s Joe Hoft Show, Patrick Byrne said that a couple of major body blows are going to hit the Deep State soon. 

Patrick Byrne joined the Joe Hoft Show today and started off by noting that Scott Hall is a great witness in Georgia in reference to the activities that took place in Fulton County on Election Night in 2020.

Byrne mentioned that he was in contact with Hall on or about Christmas Day 2020 who was in communication with individuals who were talking with Ruby Freeman.  Ms. Freeman was one of the five or six election workers who stuck around on election night in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta and began pushing ballots through tabulators after the media and poll watchers left after it was announced that counting was stopping for the night.

A couple months later, Hall was talking to individuals who were with Ruby when she went to the local police department in a reported effort to come clean about what she had done.

Hall was recently included in the list of individuals who were arrested along with President Trump in the BS election related indictment in Fulton County.

Local KIRO 7 reported on the news when Hall recently turned himself in.

Scott Graham Hall, an Atlanta-area bail bondsman accused of conspiring to steal sensitive election data in Coffee County, faces seven charges including violation of Georgia’s RICO Act and conspiracy to commit election fraud, WSB reported. Records from Fulton County Jail showed he was booked Tuesday.

He surrendered one day after several defendants negotiated bond terms with officials in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, according to WSB. The news station reported that Hall and four others — including Trump — had reached agreements with prosecutors on Monday.

Byrne believes based on his communications with Hall that Hall has some information on Rudy Freeman that has not yet been released.

Byrne next discussed a number of topics, including why the media is so biased in the US and the source of the lack of courage in reporting in so many Mainstream Media companies.

Byrne claims that the individuals behind the destruction of America are essentially Nazis.  These people work with corporations to control the people and force their will upon those they rule like the Nazis of World War II.  They are all socialists and Patrick says he should know since he earned a PhD at Stanford University in philosophy with a focus on politics.

Patrick calls the America destroyers of today Nazi 2.0.

He went on to discuss how many people today are functionally illiterate and cannot understand simple mathematical equations.  This may be why so many journalists don’t understand numbers.

Towards the end of the interview, Patrick mentioned that he believes it will be important to remain peaceful through 2024.  He says the “Nazis” don’t want that.  They are planning for violence.

Byrne says that there will be two big body blows to the Deep State in the coming months.  

One big blow will be against Biden’s corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland.  The American people will soon find out some very bad things about Garland. 

Another big blow to the America haters will be some shocking news about the 2020 Election. 

Many Americans have believe that something big is coming out soon.  These two items might be it. 

Listen to the entire interview below and please join The Joe Hoft Show weekdays at 11am Eastern time.  Patrick Byrne joins at the 18:40 mark.

Patrick Byrne on The Joe Hoft Show – 28 September 2023 – Two Big Body Blows to Hit Deep State Soon



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