BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: MASSIVE CORRUPTION IN THE NYPD – Incoming Police Commissioner Reportedly So Corrupt that He Reportedly Will Not Take the Job | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: MASSIVE CORRUPTION IN THE NYPD – Incoming Police Commissioner Reportedly So Corrupt that He Reportedly Will Not Take the Job

Former NYPD officer Sal Greco drops a bomb on the Joe Hoft Show on Thursday.  Reports that incoming Police Commissioner Edward Caban says he will not take job and will resign if given the position.  

Sal Greco worked for the NYPD for over a decade with an unblemished record.  Then he befriended Roger Stone and his career was over.  

On February 28, 2022, Roger Stone shared the following about New York City Police Officer Sal Greco.  

Salvatore Greco is a New York City police officer with an unblemished record of service to the people of New York over the last 14 years, working the graveyard shift in some of the most dangerous precincts in New York City to keep New York citizens safe.

In 2018, it came to my attention that Sal Greco was posting messages online on social media supporting my public denials that either I or Donald Trump’s campaign were involved in collusion with the Russians. Sal Greco soon came to Florida on his vacation from the NYPD and we became good friends, in fact, he became friends with my entire family. I can honestly say I have never seen his badge or his service weapon.

Sal Greco was in Washington D.C. on January 5th and 6th. Like me, Sal Greco did not go to the Ellipse for President Trump’s speech, did not march to the Capitol, and was not present at the Capitol on January 6th; in fact, he was in my hotel suite most of the time and we were both shocked to learn about those who illegally entered the Capitol.  Any claim that either of us knew about or had any role in the illegal events of January 6th is a vile lie and is categorically false.

This didn’t matter to the NYPD.  They brought Greco in front of the police court and used Greco’s relationship with Roger Stone as a reason to fire Greco.  Now Greco is suing the NYPD.

NY Kangaroo Court Ignored Roger Stone’s Pardon – Claimed He Was Still Convicted and Used this to Fire J6 Protester and NYPD Officer Sal Greco for Being Roger Stone’s Friend

Greco was on The Joe Hoft Show on yesterday and he dropped a bomb on the current situation in New York regarding the vacant police chief position.

Greco shared how the NYPD went after him and spied on him and then put together a “Soviet-style Show Trial” against him.  They found him guilty of associating with Roger Stone and he lost his job.

Greco talked about the Durham report and said it was 5 years too late.

He gave a parking ticket to the guys in the getaway car in a bank robbery and he basically is awarding the bank robbers who got off with nothing…meanwhile Hunter Biden is getting a slap on the wrist.

The current police commissioner in New York – Keechant Sewell, is stepping down.  Greco shared:

There is a lot of information I have on this… The New York Police Department is in an upheaval..

… Eric Adams is the mayor.  He’s defacto Police Commissioner and all issues have to run through him.  If they don’t run through him they run through this guy who is the Deputy Mayor of Public Safety, a made up position.  They guy name Phillip Banks.

Banks has a record of corruption.  His is surrounded by other corrupt actors, including the “Slumlord of the Bronx”.  Greco went on to list these individuals and their corrupt histories.  These are the guys running the police department, not Keechant Sewell.  There are rumors that she may have hired an attorney to address her departure from the department.  There are also rumors that she may go to Baltimore and take over the police department there.

Next Greco talked about Edward Caban who was also involved in corruption in the past.  He’s the current First Deputy Commissioner in the NYPD.  Caban is reportedly in the running for the police commissioner position.

Greco says however, that he’s pictured with Eric Adams’ with his brother who’s a convicted criminal.  Greco says that this is the reason why he was fired (although Roger Stone is not a criminal) and that Caban should be held to the same standard.

Eric Adams you will be thrown on my lawsuit and you will be deposed.  You can’t have two standards.

These people have no business working in the NYPD.

Because of Greco, Caban may not be taking the police commissioner job. 

Eric Caban ran to Eric Adams yesterday (Wednesday) and told him – I don’t want this police commissioner’s job because all this info is out there…He said he would resign in Eric gives him that position. 

Listen in on Sal Greco and his comments on The Joe Hoft Show below starting at the 28:40 minute-mark.

Sal Greco on The Joe Hoft Show – 23 June 2023


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  1. Adams won’t have any consequences and will likely win re-election,in a landslide and will run for higher office such as Senator.


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