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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Billions Spent on MASSIVE Camps Used in Trafficking Children Located Across Border States


The Biden government is in the business of building mega facilities used to traffic tens of thousands of migrant children. 

The Biden gang is in the business of child trafficking.

A company by the name of Rapid Deployment Inc. is in the business of building massive facilities to aid the Biden gang in trafficking children.  This company has been rewarded over $588 million from the Biden Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for one contract alone.

This fiscal year $15B has been authorized to be spent for Refugee settlement and transportation of migrants and migrant children.  Rapid Deployment Inc has been awarded over $3.5 billion over the past few years to pay for migrant trafficking.

One facility in Texas, Carrizo Springs, is reportedly scheduled to begin bringing in children from the Middle East.

One firm mentioned that will be handling the building of the tent cities for trafficking minors is MVM.  It too is making hundreds of millions helping Biden traffic children.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Firm Implicated in Child Trafficking Pipeline, MVM Inc, Is Connected to CIA, NSC, Secret Service and Henry Kissinger

The facility in Carrizo Springs is massive.  See the video of the facility below.

Carlos Arellano asks a good question. It the children that are being trafficked are safe, why are the cutting themselves with toothbrushes?

Here is a list of other camps coming to your neighborhood, paid for by us, created by the Biden gang to traffic children.

All involved in these operations should be arrested.  What are they doing to these children?

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  1. Joe –
    Per other similar articles, this is heartbreaking. Thank you for reporting on these very difficult topics. Children should be able to grow-up in safe caring homes.


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