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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Las Vegas Police Target Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour and Force It to Shut Down Early

Las Vegas police targeted Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour and forced it to shut down early.  

Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour continues today after being shut down early yesterday.

This weekend’s event in Las Vegas is being held at the Craig Ranch Regional Park.  The event began on Thursday night (August 24) with an evening of prayer attended by many Christians and Christian leaders.

On Friday the event kicked off with prayer followed by General Flynn leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  After that, numerous speakers presented on topics related to politics, the 2020 Election Steal, COVID crimes and the World Economic Forum.

Great speakers at this event on Friday included General Flynn, Mike Lindell, Owen Shroyer, Donald Trump, Jr., Joe Hoft, and many more.  Many doctors and religious leaders presented as well.

However, the Las Vegas police showed up and forced the event to end early.  Instead of going till 10 pm, the event ended at 8 pm.  The schedule had to be adjusted in the afternoon to account for the changes.  

Roger Stone, General Flynn, and many more great speakers are scheduled for today.  The schedule will have to be adjusted today no doubt again.

What is going on?

The list of participants and the agenda can be found here.

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