BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Jake Lang Sends Message of Hope from American Gulag in DC After Today’s Events | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Jake Lang Sends Message of Hope from American Gulag in DC After Today’s Events

J6 Defendant Jake Lang sends a message of hope after today’s events in the DC Gulag – America’s hell.

Much has been written about Jake Lang since his incarceration days after January 6, 2021.  Lang was at the Capitol, and he saved one man’s life who was getting killed by the Capitol Police and then he attempted to save the life of Rosanne Boyland but was unsuccessful.

Lang and others attempted to save Boyland who was getting smothered and sprayed by Capitol police.  He and others who remain in jail did all they could, but she was dead when they finally got to her body.  (This story is discussed in my newly published best seller at Amazon – The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up.)

Lang has been incarcerated over his past three birthdays and he has still not gone to court.   His rights to protest, to free speech, to a speedy trial, and due process are ignored by the crooks in the Biden regime.  He and others sit and rot in jail unmercifully.

This Easter Please Remember Jan 6er Jake Lang Who Celebrated His Third Birthday in Jail without Trial

This past week a new inmate was brought into the prison where Lang is incarcerated.  There are many suspicions about this individual.

Here is a video of Taylor Taranto:

According to The Gateway Pundit:

Sources inside the District of Columbia Correctional Treatment Facility, report a “rough day” inside the jail after a fight broke out between several inmates inside the “Patriot Wing” of the facility. 

As was Friday reported by The Gateway Pundit, tensions were running high, and a dangerous situation was developing as one of the latest J6 Defendants, Taylor Taranto, was admitted into the prison where many January 6th defendants are currently housed.

According to multiple sources, who asked not to be identified, long-standing internal friction among J6 prisoners mixed with incompetent administrative decisions and led to a perfect storm. 

Violence ensued, and at least 14 prisoners have now been removed from the wing.

Now all the inmates are on lock down.  More freedom has been taken away.

Jake Lang released a message and shared his thoughts on what happened today.  His source shared the following:

Jake explained that he was showing kindness to Taylor Taranto while the others turned their backs on Taylor and ostracized him. Jake is aware that Taylor may be unstable, odd, or deep state. However, Jake feels that Jesus’ command to live your enemies means showing kindness to even his enemies.  (This will be shared at

In light of recent events today, I would like to publicly state my disappointment and resentment to the actions of many of my J6 brothers today. These many blinded and lost J6 patriot souls, who violated the integrity of our movement today in DC Jail, do not represent our movement and the American values we as January 6 patriots stood up to defend that day. As a Christian and a Constitutionalist, the core of my beliefs is to show mercy, because God has shown me mercy, to lead with compassion and protect the Rights of others to speak their mind & ask questions – even if I do not agree with what they are saying, their political stance or their method of messaging. I will defend to the death their God given Right to say it. No person deserves what happened today, and I was not willing to stand by as a Saul and watch the coats of those filled with demonic rage & ignorance as they committed an act of cowardice. To the American public who we have let down, understand we will, by Gods grace, learn from our mistakes and not resort to the shameful ways of the enemy ever again. Every American and every January 6 patriot deserves to speak their mind, good or bad without being lynched for their beliefs. I condemn Antifa’s ideology and tactics, and especially their misdirected violence and civil mayhem, but they have every Right to express themselves peacefully. I pray we can forgive each other as God has forgiven us of a much larger debt in Christ.

Please pray for all those Jan 6 prisoners across the country who are wrongly incarcerated to this day. 

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