BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Jack Smith Caught in MORE Lies in Mar-a-Lago Raid Case | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Jack Smith Caught in MORE Lies in Mar-a-Lago Raid Case

More information always leads to more lies from career criminal Jack Smith. 

Jack Smith and his goons have not one iota of integrity.  They are corrupt and criminal liars and hitmen.  They should all be at the lease imprisoned for life.

These are Obama people.

Julie Kelly released a couple more documents yesterday and from Jack Smith that were sent to Judge Cannon overseeing the criminal actions of the FBI in the Mar-a-Lago case.

Smith and his corrupt goons running the Mar-a-Lago raid case, provided a letter to Judge Cannon where he never claims that the  DOJ sought similar use of force guidance in Biden search—as Merrick Garland stated.  This seems like an odd oversight says Julie Kelly.

Not surprisingly, pre a review, this letter from Smith is full of lies. 

Smith claims that they executed the search with extraordinary care – they raided the President’s home and set him up.  They sent sent a picture of the event to the NYT afterwards.

Smith says they “planned to coordinate with Trump’s attorney”.  This is not true.   Christina Bobb who represented the President onsite was not allowed to see the search warrant for some time and then finally they showed a portion of the warrant to her from a distance.

Smith prevented Bobb from going into the premises when they were they to observe their actions.  They kept Bobb outside for 9 hours in the Florida heat.

They may have planned to coordinate with Trump’s attorney but they never did.  They were tyrants raiding a President’s home for the first time in history.

We need to know the names of every person who invaded President Trump’s home and everyone involved in this case.

This was a crime against the President of the United States.  It was unprecedented and uncalled for.  Those involved should be imprisoned for life.

These liars are not Americans.  They are evil liars. 

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