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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Indications Are That Biden Expected Upcoming Baltimore Bridge Attack


The Biden gang is too quick to deny wrongdoing in the Baltimore bridge attack, yet indications are that they knew it was coming. 

On Monday evening this past week a large container ship slammed into a Baltimore bridge and took it down within seconds.  Lives were lost and this major transportation link between the northern states and the southern states was in ruins.

BIDEN’S AMERICA: Baltimore Bridge Collapses After Cargo Ship Collision (VIDEO)

Immediately experts were suspicious and many claimed that the event was an attack, not an accident.   The bridge was a strategic link between the states and it is near DC.

LARA LOGAN: Multiple Sources Say Baltimore Bridge Collapse Was an “Absolutely Brilliant Strategic Attack”

However, almost immediately before the sun had time to rise, the event was being labeled an accident.  Any real investigations were never held and Biden promised on behalf of American tax payers to cover the costs of rebuilding the bridge.

President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that the federal and state government partners will “rebuild” the Baltimore bridge together following its collapse after a ship hit one of its support beams.

“We’re going to rebuild that port together,” Biden said at the White House during a news conference. “We’re going to get it up and running again as soon as possible.”

Biden said his administration is going to work “hand-in-hand” to support Maryland with “whatever they ask for” during the process of reopening the bridge.

The problem with all this is not only that the event was quickly covered up.  The problem is that there are indications that Biden knew it was coming.

On February 21, 2024, one month before this event happened the Biden gang issued an executive order related to the cybersecurity of US ports -Biden-Harris Administration Announces Initiative to Bolster Cybersecurity of U.S. Ports

In addition, only a few weeks prior to this incident, the US warned about maritime cybersecurity threats.


Did Biden know that this was going to occur?  Indications are that he did.  Why is he trying to cover this up?  

10 thoughts on “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Indications Are That Biden Expected Upcoming Baltimore Bridge Attack”

  1. Is the CCP getting the contract to rebuild the bridge and port? It is my understanding that the CCP is building a lot of ports with surveillance and remote control with their “Belt and Road” initiative.

    We know that Biden is owned by them and all of his judgement calls have been wrong for a long time. He makes “America Last” choices every time.

    • CCP will build the bridge faster and under budget compared to unionized American “workers” which will take 18 years and $30 billion to re-build back that bridge.

      • The Chinese would have no problem using unionized American “workers” and still finish ahead of schedule and under budget. The unionized workers don’t design the bridge using grossly overpaid engineers or let the contracts for steel and concrete to cronies at inflated prices. The grossly overpaid managerial class does that. Another one of the nuggets coming out of Chrysler’s problems in the early 80s was that mediocre middle managers at the Big 3 earned more than the Chairman of the Board of Honda, while the unionized workers at Honda had comparable wages to the Big 3 workers.

  2. what happened, did America run out of piano wire and trees? Isn’t that what is done with traitors? History could have recorded the Stooge as Swingion’ Joe but there’s nobody to start the Revolution.

  3. Whats really scary is that there are still people who will vote for this vile human being. I apologize for the use of the word “Human.” “Piece of shit” would have been more appropriate.

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