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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: How Illegals Are Registered to Vote in Florida

Here is some information on how illegals are allowed to vote in Florida.  This process is likely similar in other states.

The path non-citizens that cross our border illegally take to get on voter rolls in Florida is as follows.  There are some loopholes and practices that allow this to happen.

  1. Cross the US border illegally
  2. Get arrested and get immigration court or asylum application paperwork
  3. Use immigration court or asylum application paperwork to get a Florida driver license, state ID (per s 322.08) or a social security number
  4. Sign up for Florida food or medical assistance using the same immigration court or asylum paperwork.
  5. An illegal will then receive a solicitation to register to vote in the mail from the government because they signed up for assistance. Just fill out and mail in the voter registration application provided with the solicitation letter (per interpretation of s 97.058). A solicitation letter from The Department of Children and Family Services to a person that appears to be a non-citizen based on a public records search is attached. The Spanish version is what was mailed.
  6. Register to vote using your driver license or social security number.  If you have neither, just check the box for no ID.  No one checks to see if you are a citizen.  They just check to see you checked the box on the application saying you are a citizen (per interpretation of s 98.045).
  7. Vote.  If you get caught plead plausible deniability or entrapment because you were solicited by the government to register to vote.

Here is the solicitation letter from Florida noted above.

This message reads as follows in English.

You have received this voter registration application because you answered “yes” to the voter preference question that was listed on the ACCESS Florida application or Medical Assistance application that asked if you wanted to register to vote, change your address for voting purposes or update your voting records. Complete the Voter Registration application and submit it to your local county supervisor of elections office (see the addresses provided on the application to find your local county supervisor of elections) or to your local department of children and families office (DCF, for its acronym in English). If you would like assistance completing the voter registration application, please contact your local county Supervisor of Elections office or your local DC office. Acceptance or rejection of the voter registration application, or assistance in completing the voter registration application, will not affect your eligibility for or the amount of public assistance benefits you may receive. If you believe that someone has unlawfully interfered with or prevented you from exercising your right to register to vote; to refuse to register to vote, to choose a political party, or if you believe that your right to privacy in choosing whether to register to vote or not has been violated, you may file a complaint with the Secretary of State, Florida Department of State, R. A. Building, 500 South Bronough Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250 or by calling 1-877-868-3737.

And that is how the corrupt and criminal left signs up illegal voters on the voter registration rolls in Florida.  Your state may be very similar.

Update – please see a related article at The Miami Independent by Eduardo Vidal sharing additional information. 

4 thoughts on “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: How Illegals Are Registered to Vote in Florida”

  1. Being a resident of Central Florida despite all of Ron’s bloviating english is almost a second language here. South of Tampa its a third or forth. Its so prevalent that the hispanics get pissed at you for not knowing their language. All of you in fly over country take a trip to Miami to see whats in store for you soon.

  2. There are many churches here in Florida that lust for the money they get from liberal organizations to provide licenses and voting matterial to the “homeless” code name for illegals. FLORDIA will be a Democratic state in the near future as conservatives Republicans and others do nothing.

  3. American citizens are not stupid and if anyone even THINKS that an illegal immigrate is voting illegally GOD HELP THEM AT THE POLLS !!!!! I will not sit back and allow the Democrats to gain votes by this action now or ever!! I personally have worked my whole life with NO HELP from the government and still am !!!! It’s going to get REALLY UGLY COME ELECTION DAY, you thought it was bad last election, just wait till this election. I will personally stand with Donald Trump and fight along with him to see that our election are legal voters


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