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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: FBI Releases “Midyear Exam” Docs Showing It Ignored Multiple Crimes by Hillary Gang

Analysis of this information is provided by a friend of justice.

The FBI released a number of pages of reports related to Hillary’s emails yesterday with evidence of multiple crimes from Hillary and her corrupt gang. 

This most recent release of Hillary email information can be found here:

Below are some of the shocking findings identified in the emails and the Midyear exam. The report is only 19 pages and mostly redacted, but loads of little nuggets in here:

Entire document is an Internal FBI Memo Summarizing the findings of all computer intrusion analysis done by FBI.

Page 3 = FBI couldn’t do some analysis prior to 2013 as info not available!


Page 6 – Clinton emails were found in FBI databases.

Page 7 – There were various spear phishing attempts against  Also, confirmed Clinton email exchanges with classified info.

 Page 9 – Clinton logged into her private emails on numerous government systems, including State Dept and Air Force.

Page 11-12 = Jake Sullivan’s email on the Clinton server was compromised.

Page 13 – = Compromise of Sid Blumenthal email

Lock Her Up.

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