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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Illegals Given Driver’s Licenses and Access to Vote Through Their Phones

Illegals Voting Is The Most Serious Threat To Our Republic – For The Moment

Republished with permission from Kat

Notice, I did not say “illegal voting” That’s fraud, in general, and that’s bad enough. I’m talking about the non-citizen invaders who have been instructed to vote for Biden. Where do they get their ID’s…?

How will this go down?. . I’ve come on one real possibility. Once again, I hope and pray I’m wrong, but it’s something we need to think about.

First, the Junta in DC KNOWS they cannot win an election where legitimate votes are cast and counted. Everybody else knows that, too. What happens from there is the stuff of the instant destruction of America, long in the planning.

We know about the machines – connected EVERYWHERE to the internet and available for switching of vote tallies anytime and in any election where they are used. This is PROVEN, not subject for debate.

We also understand that ballot harvesting, early voting and drop boxes allow the dishonest and desperate to see how the vote is coming in, and how they must alter it to “win”. We are hoping that the RNC discovers this soon…

Then came the information about illegals being TOLD TO VOTE FOR BIDEN, via message (in Spanish) sent to them from the HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) – sponsored Research Center Matamoras. I broke that on April 24.

So, let’s take it from there. MILLIONS of invaders are going to vote, illegally of course, in US elections this year. You might expect this to create long lines at local DMV offices around the country, as they register. Why is that NOT happening?

I believe that they are getting their registrations via their phones from the federal government, from any state where they are currently located, TO VOTE IN ANY STATE.

Just a thought, but…

Think “Real ID” and its cousin, the Mobile Drivers License

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is a Federal NGO (non-governmental organization) involved in issuing Drivers Licenses – mobile drivers license digital trust service – in the US.

From this link:

“The Administrator shall take such actions as may be necessary to accept, in any instance where an individual is required to submit government-issued identification to the Administrator, a digital or mobile driver’s license or identification card issued to such individual by a State.”

The AAMVA was created in 2004, after the nation gave up its privacy because of the World Trade Center horrors. That was also, if you recall, when the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) (who now “oversees” our elections”) was created. A huge chunk of our freedom was lost in that mass murder event in 2001.

“Real ID” was also born then, at the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission. Today, Real ID is required to travel or enter government buildings. Here is a list of 42 states plus DC plus Guam where registering to vote on line is approved, as of 4/24/24:

“Smartphones carry everything, from payment cards to precious photos,” said keynote speaker Christine Nizer, administrator of the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and chair of the AAMVA International Board of Directors. “It is only natural that the devices are becoming a platform for storing identity credentials too.” This, was said 12/21. Fast forward to 2024.

NB: THE AAMVA leadership is under a board of directors billed as “international”. Just for the fun of it, here’s the current Board of Directors, who represent themselves at “international”. You’ll want to click on this one…lots of states with election fraud problems and Globalist politicians are represented here: GA, CO, AZ, WI, DC, WA, NY, ME, UT, KY, AK, MN… Hmmmm….

The decisions of the board are executed by the AAMVA President and CEO along with AAMVA staff.

This group, under the Department of Human Services, is issuing drivers’ licenses on PHONES. Think of ALL THOSE PHONES handed out to the alien invaders in the last three+ years.

A US drivers’ license is the main form of ID used for voting.

Much as appointed (not “elected”) Secretaries of State are the problem, with verifying our election systems, so is the licensing of drivers in the US by a federal Non Government Organization, (NGO), the AAMVA (American Assn. of Motor Vehicle Administrators). This NGO (non-governmental organization) is funded by the feds with OUR tax dollars and has the authority to spend your money on things you did not vote for. In this case, it is the registration of drivers license applicants ONLINE.

Driver license issuing authorities across North America are beginning to issue mobile driver licenses (DLs) to customers. AAMVA’s DL Digital Trust Service (DTS) is the system that supports all member jurisdictions in delivering successful mDL programs to their stakeholders. Providing a single, safe, secure, and resilient means through which relying parties can easily obtain the public keys of each issuing authority will drive the success of mobile driver license programs.

Who decided this? This international board made up of states with real election integrity issues??

We may be looking at the key enablers of the problem of illegals, voting.

Is the enemy in DC simply providing the invaders the ID needed to vote?? With the 25+ million enemy invaders who have crossed our borders since Biden &Co. stole the 2020 election – who are being TOLD to VOTE for Biden!— what could possibly go wrong. (NB: the last sentence did NOT end with a question mark.)

The invaders represent a vast, and as yet unaddressed (except by the Globalists) source of ineligible voters. The RNC – who should be making voting by non-citizens their FIRST PRIORITY, is ignoring it completely. However, Lala Trump and Michael Whatley are (purposely??) not up to speed on this one crucial element of the 2024 election. How can this BE??

Telling the invaders to vote for Biden when they get here is one thing. Giving them a way to register without appearing at a DMV office is another, and a very cagy one.

The drivers license is the principle means of voter identification.

Normally – back when we had laws – anyone wanting to register to vote – online or in person – had to present proof of US citizenship. Even a green card did not allow someone the right to vote in our elections.

The question here today is: do the phones and cash cards provided the invaders include some sort of citizenship id? If so, any of them could register FROM ANY STATE IN ANOTHER STATE, then vote online, accordingly. Think of the millions of illegals rotting our cities, applying to vote in another state; e.g., New York City illegals using their phones to register to vote in, say, Florida. You can bet that they will register/vote by mail in the states with the highest electoral vote count.

Maybe that is why the millions DISCARDED their native id’s upon crossing. Fox News, even, has covered this. Feast your eyes on this one kid’s collection…

The invaders know they have no worries, once they’ve arrived, if new US id’s, along with phones and cash cards, are waiting for them once they enter.

Maybe that is why the drivers’ license centers in the Sunshine State and a few other states I’ve checked, aren’t overrun with traffic, as the millions of invaders populate our cities and towns. Are yours? I’ve called around several and not a single one tells of crowds. Heck, just drive by. There should often be lines out the door.

The question I’ve raised here should be at the top of the list for our elected “representatives”. Ask then to to PROVE tht this is NOT the case. Accept no head-patting and smiling denials. These people are in office TO DO OUR BIDDING, NOT Obama’s or China’s.


I sincerely hope I have “overassumed”, gone off the rails, so to speak. In the insanity that is our world today, though, we are learning that there no longer exist the “rails” of normal actions and policies. I really hope that there is some explanation for the AAMVA, and our DHS taking over our drivers license registrations, but I feel it is much safer to ask than fly blind in this weaponized environment.

Hope you agree… Please share your thoughts!





“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke



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  1. Check California. You can register and skip the id question….from my understanding and a video from the Ca Assembly I watched earlier today.

    Go to the sec of state website to check it. I’m in Contra Costa County so try that website to register in that county.


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