BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Authorities in Maine Withholding the Drugs Authorized to Mass Murderer Robert Card and Who Made the Authorization | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Authorities in Maine Withholding the Drugs Authorized to Mass Murderer Robert Card and Who Made the Authorization


Authorities in Maine are withholding pertinent information from the public on mass murderer, Robert Card, who killed 18 people in the state last week. 

FOX News reported on the mass murderer in Maine:

Mass murderer Robert Card, who killed at least 18 people in a gruesome massacre in Lewiston, Maine, Wednesday, was reportedly on state authorities’ radars as early as mid-September.

Card gunned down at least 18 people and wounded 13, after opening fire on a bowling alley and bar in Lewiston, causing the worst mass shooting in the Pine Tree State’s history. He was found dead Friday night after a two-day search, with officials concluding that he shot himself in the head.

Law enforcement officials told the Associated Press that they were alerted to “veiled threats” by Card, a U.S. Army reservist, after he threatened soldiers at a southern Maine National Guard Base in Saco.

Sheila Matthews from AbleChild obtained some of those documents used by the media in their reporting and identified some material pieces of information that are missing or incorrect.

The first observation regarding mass murderer Robert Card is from the arrest warrant that was issued.  The 61-page report was sloppy, even the date of the first shooting was incorrect.  It wasn’t in March it was in October, one week ago.

In the arrest warrant on p. 44 there is mention that Card was hearing things and was possibly schizophrenic.

In a search warrant dated October 26, the list of items searched for does not include a list of the mental health records from mental health professionals who dealt with Card.

An incident report from May 4, 2023, includes comments from Card’s ex-wife and son.  His son believed his father was hearing voices.

On September 15, 2023, another incident report was issued.  In this Card is described as having psychotic episodes, and hearing voices.  This report was initiated by the Maine National Guard. Card was also “making threats to shoot up the Saco National Guard facility”.

The fact that this report indicates that Card was having psychotic episodes indicates that he was likely seeing a psychiatrist who may have provided that observation.

However, in a request to the Maine State’s Attorney General’s office from AbleChild regarding the exclusion of the treating psychiatrist, the mention of Card being observed or treated by a psychiatrist is challenged:

I don’t know what you are referencing about a psychiatrist, it doesn’t appear any of the documents we’ve released references a psychiatrist.

The names remain withheld.

This none answer indicates that the authorities in the state of Maine are hiding information from the public.  We need to know why.

Psychiatric drugs are a huge industry to Big Pharma.  Sheila Matthews has learned this over decades of research of drugs pushed onto children in schools and in her studies of mass murderers who often have been taking drugs for periods before their attacks on society.

We also know that Card was arrested for a DUI in 2007 but have limited information regarding that arrest and any treatment possibly associated with that.

Police Record Robert Card by Joe Ho on Scribd

Anti-gun activists want to label this incident in Maine a shooting.  The more appropriate label is mass murder with pertinent information still unknown. 


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