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BREAKING: Corrupt Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Is Targeted for Recall – About Time!


Wisconsin’s corrupt GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is under fire for not firing the corrupt election official Meagan Wolfe.  Now he many lose his job. 

One thing is clear, Robin Vos is not for the American people or the people of Wisconsin.

Late last year Vos decided to prevent the removal of the corrupt state elections official Meagan Wolf.

Corrupt WI Speaker Robin Vos Is Trying to Steal the 2024 Election – Won’t Impeach Crooked Meagan Wolfe

It’s hard to imagine that Vos is after Wolfe for her looks, so there must be some other reason.

Regardless of his reasons, Vos has done all he can to prevent Wolfe from being replaced in Wisconsin.  Wolfe is just plain corrupt.  There is a mountain of evidence against Wolfe that would lead any fair minded person to get rid of her, but not Vos.

Why Wisconsin Speaker Vos’s Corrupt Administrator of Elections, Meagan Wolfe, Should Be Removed from Office

Today, the AP is reporting that because of Vos’s anti-American actions to retain Wolfe, he is finally under attack.

Backers of former President Donald Trump filed a petition Wednesday seeking to recall Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos from office, citing Vos’ opposition to Trump and his not moving forward with impeaching the state’s top elections official.

The effort faces a high bar for success, but it points to continued anger among Trump’s most ardent supporters in battleground Wisconsin over his loss in the 2020 election and how Vos responded to it.

Trump narrowly won Wisconsin in 2016 but lost to President Joe Biden by a similar margin of about 21,000 votes in 2020. The result has withstood two partial recounts, numerous lawsuits, an independent audit and a review by a conservative law firm.

The AP, which is consistently corrupt, neglects to mention the mountains of evidence proving that the 2020 Election never should have been certified.  Ballots were dropped in drop boxes that were unconstitutional, etc… as noted above.

Judge Gableman believed after looking at the 2020 Election results for Vos that the election should be decertified.

Of course it should have been.

Vos is not on the side of the people of Wisconsin or the people of American.  It is time for him to be let go.  

1 thought on “BREAKING: Corrupt Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Is Targeted for Recall – About Time!”

  1. The proliferation of evidence indicating this was an invalid non certifiable election has been massively subverted, ignored or misconstrued to the point of incomprehensibility.

    Given the state of affairs in Wisconsin, I hold little hope the issue will ever be resolved satisfactorily.


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