BREAKING: Corrupt Judge McAfee Overseeing Georgia Trump RICO Case Ignored Multiple 2020 Election Crimes While State Inspector | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING: Corrupt Judge McAfee Overseeing Georgia Trump RICO Case Ignored Multiple 2020 Election Crimes While State Inspector

Corrupt judge overseeing bogus Fani Willis RICO case against President Trump ignored obvious election fraud from the 2020 Election and covered it up. 

CNN wrote about Judge Scott McAfee when he was appointed over the Trump RICO case in Georgia.

The newly leveled case against former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants accusing them of engaging in a conspiracy to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia has been assigned to a judge who is a lifelong Georgian.

Scott McAfee became a Fulton County Superior Court judge in February after a career in which he has worked as a prosecutor and state inspector general, where he was “responsible for investigating allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse in the Executive Branch of state government.”

When he was appointed inspector general in March 2021, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, called him a “strong addition to my administration.”

“His experience as a tough prosecutor equips him to search out fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption, and bring those to justice who break the law,” Kemp said.

Prior to his IG role, he worked as the assistant United States attorney in the Northern District of Georgia and as senior assistant district attorney in the Fulton County Atlanta Judicial Circuit. In those positions, he prosecuted cases on drug trafficking, fraud, armed robbery and murder.

The New York Times even reported that McAfee once worked for Soros backed DA Fani Willis. Yet he never recused himself from the case.

Now this about corrupt Judge McAfee.  The Gateway Pundit reported:

Yesterday, during public comment at the State Election Board hearing in Georgia, one of the citizens, Bob Coover, who was responsible for those open records request revealed that he had met with the governor and shared “28 allegations of crimes against the citizens of Georgia by the Secretary of State and his office.”

The citizen claimed he had worked with Evan Myers, the Deputy Executive Counsel for two months before he referred it to the Inspector General’s office.  At that time, the Inspector General was Scott McAfee.

Coover stated that McAfee told him he was going to go after one of the allegations, the Pro V&V audit “which we all know never took place.”  He then gave McAfee the Open Records Requests from the six counties the audit was claimed to have taken place in.

After the evidence was handed over to McAfee’s office, Coover claimed “he stopped talking to me” and that the Inspector General is now a Superior Court judge.  He then went to a District Attorney in the Appalachian Circuit and shared the same information with her.  He claimed she also stopped talking to him and is now, also, a Superior Court Judge.

“If any of you guys are looking on how to become a judge, I got a fast-track.  You are going to be influenced in your positions.  You are influenced at this very moment.  I just hope you seek the truth, follow the truth, and follow the Georgia Law that’s written on your behalf,” Coover said in conclusion.

Scott McAfee is now the judge presiding over the Donald Trump RICO case in Fulton County over allegations of ‘false’ election fraud claims.

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