BREAKING COMEY EXCLUSIVE – PART II: Comey Is Actively Engaged with Graveyard of Elite Has-Beens in Attacking President Trump | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING COMEY EXCLUSIVE – PART II: Comey Is Actively Engaged with Graveyard of Elite Has-Beens in Attacking President Trump

Fired former FBI Director Jim Comey is actively engaged with a graveyard of elite has-beens in attacking President Trump.

Yesterday we reported that James Comey’s son-in-law who is prosecuting Jan 6ers in DC has a major conflict of interest.  He never should be prosecuting these cases because of Jim Comey’s outspoken hate for President Trump and those who protested on Jan 6.

BREAKING COMEY EXCLUSIVE – PART I: Major Conflict of Interest Uncovered Between James Comey and His Jan 6 Prosecutor Son-in-Law

James Comey appears happy to condemn President Trump and anyone associated with him at any time.  Comey just can’t forgive President Trump for saving the country and firing Comey as Head of the FBI.  There is evidence that Comey has been on a mission since Barack Obama was President to take down citizen and then President Trump.

It looks like Comey hasn’t stopped in his possessed hatred of President Trump since his shameful firing.  He just can’t let it go. 

Comey’s firing was used as the impetus to go after President Trump using his friend and former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a Special Counsel.  There were no crimes the President committed but despite this, these two former FBI Directors worked to get President Trump.  This was an attempted coup of the Trump Presidency but the Deep State eventually couldn’t remove him from power.

This all led to the stolen 2020 Election.  (This is all documented in my books on The Steal available here.)

But resentful Comey isn’t giving up.  He just can’t.

Maybe Comey is still upset that he missed dinner with his wife the night that he dined at the White House with President Trump.  Comey later used that opportunity to claim President Trump demanded loyalty from the soon to be fired FBI Director.  Comey couldn’t prove this because it was only him and President Trump who shared the dinner.

Eventually after all the facts came out it was clear that the Deep State attempted a coup of the Trump Administration and have gotten away with it to this day.  Most Americans know this.

Facing no accountability for his acts, Comey has joined forces with a bunch of fellow has-been elites in their continued focus and attacks against President Trump.  Comey is a Senior Fellow at the Kettering Foundation alongside fired former MSNBC Host Chris Matthews and fired former National Security Council member Alex Vindman.

It’s unknown if Comey or other Senior Fellows are paid by the foundation which claims to be a non-profit.  This also mandates that the foundation be non-partisan.

The Kettering Foundation boasts over $400 million in assets with investments in organizations around the world.

In a recent podcast from the Kettering Foundation James Comey gave a presentation labeled, “Maintaining Faith in Democracy Amidst a Fog of Lies.”

Comey begins his podcast saying:

You can’t look at the images of Jan 6 in any fair way as a supporter of Donald Trump and not have it whispered to you, ‘You fool, look what you did to America!’

In his opening sentence Comey slams the majority of Americans who voted for President Trump and President Trump by not referring to him as President.

Comey and the DOJ and FBI today totally ignore the many crimes and actions that took place in the 2020 Election and immediately attack those who voted for President Trump.  Comey and the current Justice Department go after Trump and his supporters with a vengeance.  All Americans can see this.

Comey is eager to give his legal opinion on all the cases against Trump. (see the 21:32 mark).

Comey gives his take on the Atlanta, Georgia RICO case against Trump, saying it is weak.

“I think the strongest criminal case by far is the case in Florida”…keeping an unclassified document, because it has no fuzz on it, is straightforward.

This comment is rich after Comey was caught with classified documents after he was fired [his notes related to President Trump] not to mention years of classified documents hoarded by Joe Biden.

Comey does go over Jack Smith’s efforts in Washington when Trump wanted to stay in office.  Comey thought it was the second strongest case.

Overall Comey believes that the Republican party needs to be purged, it is a cult, a fog of fraud.   Comey is rather unhinged on this point with a very bitter sense of partisan tongue. Comey says the Republican party would like to memory hold what happened on January 6th.   Comey believes that Republicans can’t look at it because they would have to all admit they were fooled, and they are all fools.

Comey believes that the Republican Party is a cult.  He wished Trump was “left in Florida in his bathrobe screaming at cars”. 

Comey shows his bitterness and resentment.  Comey thinks “we” need to tell new stories and that will take time.

Clearly Comey is bitter that he was fired.  He should be grateful he wasn’t held accountable for an attempted coup of the Trump Administration. 



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