BREAKING BIG: Wisconsin Judge Stops Corrupt Elections Director Meagan Wolfe from Illegally Soliciting Absentee Ballots | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING BIG: Wisconsin Judge Stops Corrupt Elections Director Meagan Wolfe from Illegally Soliciting Absentee Ballots

A Wisconsin Judge has ended another corrupt activity taken by the state’s illegitimate Elections Director Meagan Wolfe.

The news is good in Wisconsin.

BREAKING: A Wisconsin judge has BANNED the State Election Commission from using their website “MyVote” to illegally send and receive mail-in ballot applications

The Election Administrator Meagan Wolfe who is currently illegally occupying the office has therefore been using MyVote to illegally solicit absentee vote applications knowing very well they didn’t have the authority to do so.

The authority and duty to send and receive absentee ballots applications is the sole responsibility of the clerks and voters, not the Election Commission. According to Wisconsin law, all six mandatory methods for voters to request absentee ballot applications and to return their completed absentee ballot applications are conducted only by local clerks.

This is yet more proof that Wisconsin elections are rigged.

Congratulations to Petitioner Jay Stone and grassroots group H.O.T Government for winning this crucial lawsuit heading into 2024.

People across this nation are enraged with the massive criminal takeover of the American election process.  A group in Wisconsin has had enough of Wisconsin’s corrupt Elections Director Meagan Wolfe.

Wisconsin Democrats Pulling Out All Stops to Keep Corrupt Elections Director, Meagan Wolfe, Around for 2024

Good people in Wisconsin are trying to get rid of Wolfe but the corrupt GOP Speaker Robin Vos won’t move forward with it.  In addition, Wisconsin patriots are attacking the illegal actions of people like Wolfe and Vos in the courts.

Yesterday was another win as corrupt Wolfe was rebuked and forced to stop soliciting absentee ballots from her entity which is against the law.

Absentee ballots flooded into the 2020 Election and the uncertifiable election was was eventually certified for Joe Biden through corrupt activities like this. 

3 thoughts on “BREAKING BIG: Wisconsin Judge Stops Corrupt Elections Director Meagan Wolfe from Illegally Soliciting Absentee Ballots”

  1. Thank you Mr. Hoft for keep this issue font and center. I’ve emailed my State Representative and other Republican Representatives, and nothing has changed yet. I’ve been very adamant about getting this law-breaking Wolfe in wolves clothing removed. Included in my emails is to get that leaker RINO Robin Voss to do his job or give him the boot. What can we expect from him who had Paul Ryan as his roommate in college and they are still ‘buddy’s’. Both are globalist trash. Both Wolfe and Voss are a black eye for Wisconsin politics. Especially the fact that the Republican party was conceived (speaking of Voss) in Ripon, Wisconsin. To all reading, keep praying. Grace & Peace

  2. Colorado Secretary of State was caught in 2021 mailing paper voter registration cards to 31,000 illegal aliens, which she identified through MVD records not associated with SS#’s.

    This was a violation of the 1996 Illegal Alien Reform Act, but she wasn’t investigated or indicted . . . because Democrats own law enforcement and the AG’s offices.

    Paper applications for voter registration and absentee ballot applications are inferior in security to on-line applications as they do not, by federal mandate, require DL#’s and associated SS#’s.

    Anyone attempting to audit or investigate is exposed to being accused of violating the Fair Voting Act and abusing voter role and MVD records.


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