Breaking – Accuser Ford Submitted Letter to Democrat Representative and Not Senator Feinstein to Avoid Legal Issues for Lying to the Senate!

It’s now being reported that Judge Kavanaugh accuser Ford provided her original letter to a Democratic member of the House of Representatives. This appears intentional as it would prevent her from being held accountable for her lies when presented to the Senate.

Sean Davis reported on Twitter that in the coming days the decision by Ford to send her letter to Democrat Rep. Anna G. Eshoo was intentional and is not being reported by the media –

Davis states that the law excludes statements from members of the House from being held to the same standards as those directly being provided to the Senate –

Twitchy notes this entire series of tweets and comes to the conclusion that no one in the US would know that by sending a letter regarding a Senate Hearing to the House that they would be protected from making false statements.

As Ford’s accounts and witnesses fall apart, it is becoming more and more clear that Ford’s accusations are false. She was never groped by Judge Kavanaugh – ever. It is made up!

Apparently Ford was made aware of the fact that lying to the Senate was a crime but lying to a US Representative about a case in the Senate protects her from liability if her statements are proven false. Who in the world would know this and who told her?

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