Bombshell: Leaker, Liar and Former FBI Head Comey Likely Caught in Another Lie – FBI Russia Investigation Started Before July 2016 | Joe Hoft


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Bombshell: Leaker, Liar and Former FBI Head Comey Likely Caught in Another Lie – FBI Russia Investigation Started Before July 2016

Another Internet sleuth has uncovered another bombshell surrounding the fake Trump-Russia investigation. Leaker, liar and former FBI Director James Comey stated that the investigation started in July of 2016, but evidence found in the public domain proves that the investigation started much earlier.

Manny at Politics Central released a post this weekend that shows information that corrupt Comey apparently lied again.

According to far left Politico, Comey stated in March of 2017 under oath that the FBI investigation into the Trump – Russia scandal started in July 2016 –

FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers Monday that his agency has been investigating possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian officials since last July [2016].

The newly revealed timeline — which Comey detailed in a much-anticipated House Intelligence Committee hearing — means the FBI probe was occurring during the peak of an alleged Russian campaign to destabilize the presidential race and eventually help elect President Donald Trump.

But Comey appears to have lied about this.

First we should note that Internet sleuth, Jeff Carlson at themarketswork, provided a summary of events taken from the FISA Court Ruling and Senate Testimony.

In March of 2016, NSA Director Rogers became aware of improper access to raw FISA data (Page 83 of Court Ruling).

In April of 2016, Rogers directed the NSA’s Office of Compliance to conduct a “fundamental baseline review of compliance associated with 702” (Senate testimony & Page 83-84 of Court Ruling).

On April 18, 2016, Rogers shut down all outside contractor access to raw FISA information – specifically outside contractors working for the FBI. The discovery that outside contractors were accessing raw FISA data is probably the event that precipitated Rogers ordering a full compliance review (Page 84 of Court Ruling).

On April 18, 2016, both the FBI and DOJ’s NSD become aware of Rogers’ compliance review. They may have known earlier but they were certainly aware after outside contractor access was halted.

What was uncovered this weekend is related to the actions taken by Admiral Rogers noted above. Internet sleuth D. Manny notes that the Strzok and Page text messages show that on April 30th, 2016, the corrupt former FBI investigator Strzok text to Page the following, “And now we’ve switched from the Patriot Act to a wire carrying current. [Redacted]”

According to Manny, the Patriot Act is the broad legislation that the government used to do much of its information on Americans through eavesdropping via 702 queries. So when Admiral Rogers put a halt to the 702’s on April 18th, the FBI had to change its methods for spying on Trump associates. A ‘wire carrying current’ may actually mean a spy, a wire carrying agent or someone literally wearing a wire for the FBI. Manny states –

If this is true, it COMPLETELY blows the entire “Papadopoulos started the investigation in July” theory out of the damn water.

Don’t let former President Obama tell you that you only get fake news on the Internet. The Internet is where the lies are uncovered and the truth always wins.



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