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Guest post by David and Erin Clements

A growing majority of Americans know the 2020 election was fraudulent. Many analysts who have been studying election integrity have concluded that there had to be a two-way connection between local election electronics (electronic poll pads, tabulators, election management systems, voter databases, etc.) and a centralized data collection system responsible for monitoring and manipulating the election. Fingers have rightly been pointed at all-inclusive election management software, the Albert Sensor system, Scytl and Edison, and the Election Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EI-ISAC).

This incestuous collaboration between the Department of Homeland Security, the Election Assistance Commission, leftist/globalist funding, foreign companies, and their private partners, allowed for the real-time monitoring of all election data, and more importantly, the ability to change the results.

While experts could understand the functional capabilities of how these programs manipulate elections at the county and state levels, one area of mystery remained.  Experts could not fully explain how systems within individual precincts which are supposedly “air-gapped” were adding votes in real-time – such as KnowInk poll pads in Texas that added hundreds of votes to the 2022 midterm election after the polls had closed.  To accomplish election fraud at individual polling places, it is necessary to have an air-interface with the supposedly “air-gapped” equipment networked at the polling place.

A year-long research project led by an election integrity investigator from Utah, Sophie Anderson, and communications engineer, Dr. Charles Bernardin, has uncovered the mechanism that is being used to connect our election equipment at polling places across the nation.  Anderson and Bernardin met while working together in several overlapping election integrity efforts. After submitting a countless number of public documents requests from multiple federal, state, and local governments, and working with other grassroots researchers, the team realized that the federal government has indeed created a nationwide network that is capable of collecting and changing real-time voting data at polling places across the country from a central location. The private network tool is called FirstNet, and like so many things that have proven detrimental to American liberty – it was sold as a tool to ensure public safety.  


The idea of a national cellular network dedicated to public safety was hatched in the wake of 9/11 when congested cell networks proved to be a bottleneck for first responders. In 2012, Congress created the First Responder Network Authority under the Department of Commerce to oversee the build-out of “FirstNet.” The original intent provided by its sponsors was that FirstNet would serve police, fire, and EMT services.  However, the scope was soon expanded to include all “critical infrastructure” – which included water, energy, and transportation infrastructure. ( )

Curiously, just days before Barack Obama left office, his administration’s Department of Homeland Security used the specter of “Russian interference” in the 2016 election as an excuse to declare election systems to be a part of that critical infrastructure.  As a result, the stage was set to roll election systems into FirstNet.

The original plan to build FirstNet was to create a separate network with nationwide coverage that used a dedicated cellular band portion known as Band 14. Years and billions of dollars later, AT&T had built out the FirstNet Band 14 network with the coverage shown in the map below.

AT&T’s FirstNet Band 14 Coverage

The obvious problem was that separate Band 14 coverage was proving to be too slow and expensive to build, as only pockets of the country had the service available – with some states left completely without service. If Barack Obama’s vision of using FirstNet to connect to all election equipment was going to be realized before the 2020 election, the developers would need to speed things up.

In 2017, AT&T offered the First Responder Network Authority “preemption services” on its entire cellular network. “Preemption” would give FirstNet customers priority on AT&T’s network, ensuring they would always have service on the AT&T network. Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint soon followed suit in offering preemption services, instantly expanding FirstNet service wherever cellular service was available. These other providers gave their preemption services names like “Frontline” and “Connecting Heroes,” but for the purposes of simplicity for this article we will refer to the preemption service on all the providers as “FirstNet.”

Almost instantly, FirstNet’s coverage increased from pockets of the country to cover most of the population and its voting locations as shown in the map below. This coverage assures electronic poll pads, election management systems, and tabulators with internet connection capabilities could be connected as “critical infrastructure” to the FirstNet network and given priority service, regardless of the presence or quality of local wired internet service.

Areas where FirstNet has ability to preempt existing cellular networks (source (


Just because the FirstNet cellular network was now available to be used for election systems, didn’t mean all local jurisdictions would connect. Some of them would need to be pushed. Coincidentally, public discussion of using the Election Assistance Commission’s (EAC) influence to push election jurisdictions nationwide to connect to FirstNet took place at a two-day Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Board of Advisers meeting in April 2019. The full transcript of the meeting is here.

The Board of Advisors supposedly exists to assist the EAC in setting standards and guidelines to help states comply with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) through their certification program. Oddly enough, almost two years prior to this meeting, the accreditations for both election equipment testing labs, Pro V&V and SLI Compliance, had lapsed. This lapse in accreditation effectively shut down the ability of all states to legally certify their election systems as required by HAVA. No vendors, anyone in the EAC, or anyone on their Board of Advisors appeared to have noticed this indefensible oversight.  As a result, most of the country’s election systems were not legally “certified” for the 2020 election.

While a lapse of this magnitude defies reason, the Board of Advisors had an inexplicable and prescient impulse to meet before the manufactured Covid crisis of 2020.  To do what exactly?  In April 2019, the Board met to discuss “disaster management and recovery when elections are disrupted by natural or manmade disasters.” And they weren’t talking about dealing with a small, local disaster during an election, but a national disaster that had the ability to affect the presidential election itself.

Board member David Beirne said, “But you also look at it in terms of the Presidential elections is you have one shot at it. And I think that’s the real discussion that needs to occur in terms of your continuity of operations, your response plan, and the scalability impact that if you have a shelter in place or on a Presidential election, what does that really look like…for the State’ electoral votes?”

The Board’s expectation of the need to deal with unprecedented national shelter in place orders during a presidential election amounts to an unbelievable prophetic foresight of what would occur leading up to, and during the 2020 election.   A similarly dark prophetic exercise called Event 201 was held by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health and Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Gates Foundation where bureaucrats practiced controlling narratives during a “hypothetical” worldwide pandemic that would soon take over the planet in reality.

While the EAC Board of Advisors discussed being prepared for a national disaster during a presidential election, a board member named Daniel Ivey-Soto chimed in to advocate that FirstNet be used as the internet connection at polling places across the country. (Ivey-Soto is a state senator from New Mexico who has become well-known for his ethical conflicts, his leadership role in the corruption of the election franchise in that state, and accusations of sexual misconduct.)

Ivey-Soto wanted the electronic poll pads (which have full access to the voter registration database and voter turnout) and the systems that transmit the election results to be connected to the FirstNet network. Fellow board member, Gema Howell, immediately latched on to Ivey-Soto’s idea of using preemption privileges to connect election equipment to the internet. The board lamented their lack of authority to force jurisdictions to connect to FirstNet. But they decided to use their leverage and connections in the federal government to push the use of the FirstNet cellular network for election systems.


There is a lot of hard evidence that the EAC Board of Advisors successfully carried out Daniel Ivey-Soto’s vision to connect the nation’s polling places to the FirstNet cellular network.


For example, there is the official network diagram for election sites in Dallas County, Texas (shown below). The diagram shows both the electronic pollbooks and the tabulators connected to a cellular network with a two-way connection between the router at the polling place and the cellular network itself, which is connected to a central county data center.

Network diagram from Dallas County public presentation showing tabulators and pollbooks connected to a cellular network

The priority cellular services provided by Verizon to the Dallas County elections office was the subject of a May 2020 discussion hosted by Hans Olsen, former Department of Homeland Security employee. The goal of the talk was to explain how they “securely” connected election equipment to the cellular network during the March 2020 Primary election.  They also heavily advertised Cradlepoint modems which are used prolifically by public safety and critical infrastructure customers to connect to FirstNet.

Slide from Dallas County public presentation on using Cradlepoint modems to connect polling sites to cellular networks

Lester Lewis, a Dallas County IT professional stated, “We were able to use remote tools…to look and to see the signal strength from the carriers… I was able to define the issue right then [from the County Data Center], call Verizon and they were able to make some changes there… on voting night.” Then Gregory Brown, Solution Architect Manager at Verizon stated, “Dallas County upgraded their modems [to Cradlepoint] so that they could have that real-time voter count and voting results sent back to the data centers.” (emphasis added)

The researchers believe the priority cellular network referenced in this talk is actually FirstNet. According to Dr. Bernardin, “The environment for the Government’s intrusion is partially determined by the IT people when they configure the router at the voter center… the IT manager sets up the private network with Wi-Fi protected access and a firewall. The router can be set to randomize the MAC address to keep the network from being identified, but the randomization can be shared with trusted people. The router provides a private, two-way connection between the election equipment and the FirstNet cellular network. Once this two-way connection is established, FirstNet can monitor real-time data that is passing through the election equipment – including who is turning out and how they are voting. This data can be remotely changed by a man-in-the-middle operating on the FirstNet network. In fact, the election results can be entirely fabricated with this clandestine configuration, and nobody would know.”


Citizen researchers in St. Johns County, Florida coordinated with each other to document the Wi-Fi networks that were active at fifteen of the polling locations across their county. They discovered that a single cellular network that had been named “LetTheDogOut!” was serving all 15 voting locations in St. Johns County during the 2022 midterms.

Screenshot of Cellular Wi-Fi Network serving St. Johns County, Florida

This evidence indicates that St. Johns County was using a similar priority network setup as Dallas County, Texas, and that service was part of the nationwide “public safety” network.


As Americans have learned since 2020, looking at what information is being censored and ridiculed is often a strong clue to discovering truth that is inconvenient for the globalist narrative. Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” and recent congressional hearings have proven that the government has gotten into an Orwellian habit of violating American’s first amendment rights to suppress what they call “malinformation.”

Malinformation is information which is true but will undermine the agenda the government is trying to accomplish.

It appears that actors who have popped up to support the government narrative about the 2016 and 2020 elections wanted to suppress discoveries of county-wide, cellular networks being used to support election equipment:

Prior to the 2022 midterms, True the Vote put out a call to action to their national audience asking citizens to take screenshot documentation of the Wi-Fi networks that were active at their polling places and report anything that seemed suspicious.

This led the leftist coalition called Election Integrity Partnership (EIP) to monitor how this call to action spread on social media and they also likely helped censor it on Twitter. At the conclusion of their “study,” they released a barrage of tweets intimating that there is nothing wrong with internet connections at polling sites and shaming election integrity activists for looking into it. (

Suspiciously, the EIP (Election Integrity Partnership) was formed a mere 100 days before the 2020 election to monitor “attempts to delegitimize election results” – an activity that prior to 2020 was reserved for prominent democrats and three letter agencies which was never taken seriously by most Americans. The EIP’s work culminated in the publication of a report called “The Long Fuse” that was published in the Spring of 2021 and dismissed all claims of election fraud in the 2020 election as baseless conspiracy theories – a conclusion that a cursory review of video evidence proves to be false.

A prominent member of the EIP is a former CIA employee and anti-Trumper named Rene DiResta who was a primary proponent of the “Russian interference” narrative that the FBI and Hillary Clinton campaign tried to pin to the 2016 election to derail the Trump presidency. The narrative has since been completely debunked by the investigation led by special counsel, John Durham.

The EIP was also tied to the elaborate censorship scheme to silence dissent over the 2020 election and the COVID response exposed by the House Oversight Committee in March 2023.

Since publishing their report in Spring of 2021 condemning everyone who questioned the 2020 election, the EIP was largely silent on the hundreds of efforts that were ongoing across the country to expose insecure and fraudulent elections, until True the Vote asked people to document Wi-Fi networks at polling places. Just the fact that EIP was seeking to suppress citizens looking into Wi-Fi connections at polling places suggests researchers looking into FirstNet were on the right track.


It is difficult to obtain information on FirstNet because, while it is taxpayer funded and supposedly for public safety, it is the result of one of the many public-private partnerships involved in our elections which are immune to public records requests.

Shockingly, according to Senator Ron Wyden, FirstNet is also exempt from congressional oversight. In a letter published in April 2023, Wyden stated concerns about the security of the FirstNet network and the likelihood that it could be hacked by bad actors:

“…Cybersecurity experts have long warned that phone networks are vulnerable to surveillance by hackers and foreign spies…[who] can exploit flaws…to track mobile users, intercept calls and tests, and even steal sensitive information available on devices…all U.S. carriers are vulnerable to these exploits, resulting in risks to national security…”

Wyden went on to state that AT&T had apparently conducted cybersecurity audits of the FirstNet system, but that they were unavailable to anyone in the federal government, including Congress, because of a non-disclosure provision in the contract the Department of Commerce had negotiated with AT&T. Therefore, no one knows what was investigated in the audits, what the results were, or whether any identified deficiencies were fixed.


The fact that the federal government has interfered in foreign elections is an undisputed fact accepted by the left, the right, and even fact checkers. ( Even the fact that AT&T has worked closely with the federal government for spying operations isn’t much of a secret.  Multiple pieces of evidence were provided in this article that AT&T has had a cozy relationship with the federal government to carry out both international and domestic spying operations going back decades. In 1976, President Gerald Ford blocked a subpoena from a congressional subcommittee because he said AT&T “was and is an agent of the United States acting under contract with the Executive Branch.”

Revelations from the Snowden documents suggest that AT&T’s relationship with the federal government continues with the installing of surveillance equipment for the NSA in at least 59 domestic sites. Shortly after the corrupt election system failed to deliver the presidency to Hillary Clinton in 2016, even the Brennan Center for Justice expressed concern that the NSA was too cozy with our domestic communications infrastructure – a topic they are silent on now.

Does infrastructure exist that could change election results electronically in real-time without noticeable delay? Yes – such a thing could be facilitated at the national level by the FirstNet cellular network. All the players surrounding the deployment of FirstNet into elections are already on the suspect list of bad actors of every election integrity researcher as well being part of the group of people who were caught illegally censoring Americans who know 2020 was not a legitimate election.

Dr. Bernardin describes in the following network diagram how the FirstNet network could be misused to connect precincts to county and state election offices in such a way that all election data passes through a single network where it could be intercepted and changed by the other programs the DHS has set up to supposedly protect and monitor our election infrastructure:

Network diagram showing how FirstNet could be misused to interfere with election infrastructure

The idea that our own government would betray its people in such a way was almost impossible to accept in the immediate aftermath of the 2020 election.  But after the discovery of massive illegal censorship by the government over discussion of the 2020 election, federal agents planted to agitate the crowd on January 6th, eternal gaslighting from the establishment, and the weaponization of law enforcement to create a two-tiered standard of justice against those claiming fraud occurred – the conclusion that our own government was to blame for the coup that occurred on November 3, 2020, seems obvious.

One last piece of evidence that supports Anderson and Bernardin’s theory that FirstNet is a critical piece of the election-stealing machine is the still unexplained explosion that destroyed an AT&T’s data center in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day, 2020. Very few details ever came out about the perpetrator of the explosion, and no one ever tried to explain why he did it. Early articles did admit that “911 call centers, hospitals, the Nashville airport, government offices” were affected “from Georgia to Kentucky.” Police departments in multiple states were unable to use their FirstNet phones and had to communicate through radio or temporary burner phones.  It’s possible FirstNet was the target and it’s possible that evidence of election interference carried out using FirstNet needed to be destroyed.


      • Do you mean DemocRATS or DemonRATS? They are actually the same. Pivot the “n” to the left and you will “c” what I mean. They have been hiding in plain sight all the time…

        • Their Symbol is the DONKEY… So the DONKEY APPLE is their Real OUTPUT… A Trail of Donkey Apples is all they leave “behind”… They REEK! The “flies” follow them wherever they “go.”
          But to be fair, Rhinos are ruminants, so they, like cows, produce RINO PIES, which also REEK!
          But now you can talk about them in “polite society.” “Stable Scoopings” is another term for their Exhaust…

    • My late husband ken Collier realised voting was rigged in Dade County in early 1970s. He ran for Congress but votes were called before polls closed. All voting Machines serviced by one Chicago Rockefeller company. Ken’s brother Jim wrote a book “Votescam”, when it became obvious no national news organisation would cover his allegations.

      • I just bought a used copy of “Votescam” while researching historical voter fraud…your late husband and his brother ran up against Bill Barr (in his first instance as Attorney General)…and Bill Barr saw no fraud, or misbehavior by nominee Janet Reno, who was also involved…

        history rhymes, doesn’t it?

        • In person voting with paper ballots can be fraudulent, but not at the level of the 2020 election. Other reports have claimed they stopped counting on election night because FL and OH went for Trump early. They had expected Trump to lose those states, so panic set in and it took a long time to figure out how to overcome the problem. We saw evidence of the fraud in real time when the TV vote tally update showed Trump losing votes. The evidence of massive voter fraud is real, detailed, and complete. But the fix was in, and few courts looked at the evidence and found a process issue to excuse doing their job. That includes the Texas case suing states for diluting their vote by fraud. That is a case that only SCOUTS has jurisdiction over and they showed no spine at all. The fix was in. We got screwed and as Lari Lake stated “if we don’t fix the fraud problem we will never win an election again”. That includes seats in all races up and down the ballot.

          • We know all of this. The changes in election results happened before our eyes on Lamestream Media TV.
            The question is, How to solve the problem of all the entities reaching into our elections and changing the results? Since the present regime owns the media, FBI, CIA, HHS, HS and most if not all the Cell companies, what move can be made as a work around or to override the present systems.
            Knowing that ATT is the crucial system affecting the integrity of our election process, may give us an edge.

        • That’s the only viable way to run a fair, truthful election. The Dems are scared stiff of those methods because they cannot control them.

          • Sounds great Frank, but have you tried to pry the voting machines out of the thousands of precincts across the nation.

    • Share this story everywhere, on all of the social media you’re subscribed to. Otherwise just email it to everyone on your contact list. You could also email it to your local county and state officials.

    • You don’t, but that’s OK, they are losing listeners every day. Instead, they go to internet news/opinion programs like the Gateway Pundit and many more that actually attempt to tell you the WHOLE STORY, no propaganda. MSM is for the weak minded.

  1. This is the biggest load of BS I have ever come across in my 30 years as a technology and Cybersecurity professional. Nothing but conjecture, misinformation, and disinformation.

    • If you believe our “elections” are in any way, shape, or form, legitimate or lawful, then you live in a delusional state.

      Many of us have seen the fraud in “elections” for a long time now, and refuse to vote or participate in the process in any way. An axiom of law is participation = acceptance.

      What that means is, it is UNLAWFUL TO VOTE IN AN ELECTION YOU KNOW TO BE COMPROMISED. And IF you vote when you KNOW the elections can be and most certainly are defrauded, then you have in fact broken the law and lent legitimacy to that which has none.

      You can’t “vote” your way out of a fraudulent system, folks. Only “voting” with ropes and bullets will restore something corrupted on such a level. If you think “Joe Biden” or “Donald Trump” or “Ron DeSantis” or “Robert Kennedy” or any other Jew-owned “president” can be “elected” to come in and “drain the swamp” or “fix the system”, then keep right on running on that hamster wheel. I’m sure THIS will be the vote that FIXES IT ALL. Sigh.

      Folks, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, Homeland Security, these entities exist for one reason and one reason only. To protect the Jewish mafia that runs this country. To keep people like us from seeing the true enemy and gutting them like the snakes they are.

      You can complain. You can toss labels at me ALL you like. But can you prove anything I said wrong?

        • Gee, let’s see…there is only war. And it’s the same war that has raged since the time of Genesis.

          There are 2 ways it can be undertaken. One is war started by us, the other is war started by them.

          I’ll give you an example of “war started by them”. After World War 1, a young man who fought in the trenches of the “Great War” rose to power, after having seen the Balfour declaration and its Rothschild Jew masters steal victory from the hands of Germany and hand it to Great Britain, all for the ruse of stealing some land called “Palestine” which was then named “Israel” in order to help fool the scripturally-ignorant “Christians” (actually, Caucasians) into thinking some Ashkenazi Khazar Jews were somehow the “Israelites” of the Bible. (News flash – they aren’t).

          So long story made short, Hitler rose to power by telling the truth and upon taking power finally in 1933, he did 2 things almost immediately.

          The first thing he did was outlaw the charging of interest and took control of Germany’s money supply away from the Rothschild Jew bankers and put it back in control of the German people. This singular act brought Germany out of the Jew-banker created global great depression of the 20’s and turned them into a global manufacturing and export powerhouse.

          If you want to anger the Jew, mess with the Jew’s shekels.

          The second thing Hitler did was he outlawed homosexuality and pornography. You know, all the LGBTQ child grooming stuff in the schools and on tv and in movies today? That you think comes from the “left”? It doesn’t. It comes from Jews.

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          You know all the propaganda they told you about “Nazis burning books”? Yes, that’s absolutely true. But what they won’t tell you is that the books the Nazis were burning was Jewish porn. Probably a few Talmuds as well.

          Do you believe in putting porn in grade school libraries for kids to read? If not, you are a Hitler supporter, only you’ve not been allowed to REALIZE you’re a Hitler supporter, thanks to the omnipresent Jewish propaganda.

          So the rest is, as they say, history. As the papers have shown us, JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY! was a headline LONG before “Germany declares war on Poland!” was EVER a thing.

          And so, if you want to gut the snake, this is the path to war where we take away their Federal Reserve bank and take back our elections and outlaw their pornography. They will then declare war on US (via China, their Rothschild-Jew bank controlled new lap dogs) and we will have to fight the Jew via the proxy Chinaman. The obvious problem with this path is, we might get rid of the Jew bank, but we don’t get rid of the Jew. We probably lose this war, btw.

          The second way is for US to declare war on THEM, and carpet bomb the false “Israel” back to Khazaria where it belongs, after where there must be a global persecution and extermination campaign. Which, in all honesty, is merely us finally satisfying the command of God Deuteronomy 20:17. This will also lead to a possible proxy war with China, however at least if we declare war on “Israel” first and strike fast and hard, perhaps China could see this as an opportunity to finally be free of their Jew bankers. I mean, Iceland did it.

          Remember what they chanted in Iceland? “GIVE US THE JEW BANKERS! GIVE US THE JEW BANKERS!”

          Glory to my ears.

          Neither path is bloodless, but in all things, God is on our side in the fight against the Godless Jews, whom he LOATHES.

          Suggest you learn what the Bible really says if you want to know more.

          • You really are a very disturbed antisemitic. You know a lot of stuff, and most of it is warped by your hatred. I am a Bible student and know the scriptures. Bankers may have a Jewish name and history but they are just like people that are Christian in name only. They are sinners with evil intend. Biden is not a Jew but he is as evil as any bankers and there are many bankers that are not Jewish. We can blame the evil Woodrow Wilson for the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation and independent of the government and earning great income from citizens that are taxed ridiculous amounts for unconstitutional bloated government. Evil WW saw three amendments to the Constitution passed. He made income taxable, which ended freedom. Since then, you are slave to the state. He made states less strong by seeing they were elected at large, rather than the wise federalist position of the state legislatures pickings senators. And last, he pushed for the female vote, a good point that has bad results. There are lots of things to get excited about but pushing anti-Semitism is not one.

          • Some of your points are valid. Others, not so much. Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, is a Jew. In fact, He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. You can’t get more Jewish than that. To make more sense of the state of the world… instead of dividing people into Jew and non-Jew, we should divide them into believer and unbeliever.

          • Most ordinary people of Jewish heritage are *not* the Khazars who historically deceptively posed as Jews but were/are actually Luciferian. Most ordinary Jewish people aren’t even themselves *aware* of the long-hidden history of the evil Khazarian Empire, which was located (c. 700-1250 AD) in the hotbed region of what we now know as modern-day Ukraine and Moldova.

            Modern-day Khazars, many still posing as Jewish, aligned with the “deep state cabal”, aka “The Khazarian Mafia (KM)” were evidently attempting to re-establish their earlier empire on that same territory, in facilitating the 2014 coup in Ukraine, that is regarded among many in intelligence circles as “the most blatant [brazen] coup in history.”

            Please don’t confuse all people of Hebrew heritage with the descendants of the Khazarian Empire pretenders who have infiltrated and wreaked havoc on humanity, with greed, malevolence, violence, and subterfuge – including on people of Jewish descent – for many centuries.


          • I must say, the insane ‘thought’ train of yours (letmepicyou) is such a wild ride, I would recommend a HUGE dose of Haldol. Your delusional rant is akin to the depiction by Brad Pitt in “12 Monkeys “.

            I fear for the safety of little children around you, letmepicyou. I pity any adult that you come into contact with.

            YOU are a perfect example why the US needs to build a massive amount of insane asylums RIGHT NOW and populate them to overflowing.

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        Can you prove anything I said wrong?

        You’re a coward.

        • All he is doing is stating the actual facts, people who can’t refute the truth often resort to name calling, ie-YOU , Your either a brainwashed sheep or a Jew loving traitor to humanity. Do you think the Jews were kicked out of every country they’ve settled in for no reason? That’s absurd , they corrupt everything they touch and they know it, every society throughout the last millennium has known this, the clever demons have been able to scrub it from HIStory books for the last 75 years and have dominated all education and media to rewrite and reprogram books and minds. Go read their Holiest book the TALMUD if you really want to understand these demonic jews

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    • “in my 30 years as a technology and Cybersecurity professional. ”
      All the traits of a Flamin’ liberal deep stater!

    • Okay, Democrat. Tell us in a few bullet points exactly what is “conjecture, misinformation, and disinformation.” Whenever the data flows between two points, there is always an opportunity to mess with the data integrity, which is why truly 100% air-gapping should be in place.

    • Prove it
      Regardless, the election was stolen by the mere fact that the corrupt legacy Media falsely ran with the Russia hoax for 4 years while completely suppressing the story of the Biden crime family corruption leading up to the election. Oh and then there’s all the shenanigans recounted in the Time magazine article.

    • You are a fine one to call BS. If you don’t think the election was stolen, you are not paying attention. The evidence is massive, and this is just one small part of how it was done.

      • Good answer Bob. Those of us that have paid attention know that every method of cheating available to the democrats was utilized to fraudulently elect Biden. The evidence has been available to anyone wanting to see or hear about it in multiple forums for several years now. To ignore it is almost impossible but Trump haters and democrats are willing to ignore anything that interferes with their agenda to destroy this country.

    • It’s conjecture that such a network exists? Or are you suggesting it’s conjecture that Obama used the specter of “Russian interference” as an excuse to declare elections a part of critical infrastructure?

      All of that can and has been verified. Rest assured.

    • “Having Band 14 in every device—especially with transmit enabled—might enable hackers to interfere with public safety’s use of the FirstNet network, or compromise the network itself. And at times when the network is overloaded with public-safety use, it would not be available for citizen 911 calls or alerting.” From an article in 2013 in Urgent Comms

      So, if there was any 911 interference in 2020 ( with public-safety use) in any county that was a bellweather, what would account for that? Just askin.

    • Scott Irish, you are obviously in the wrong career if you’re calling this misinformation. You may want to find a new career that isn’t so taxing to your limited intelligence

  2. Stop. With. The Phrase.


    …until you are reporting on Deep State thugs getting indicted and arrested.

    Otherwise, “yawn.”

    • FL did it, but a lot of their vote was by machine. The fact that OH and FL went to Trump early was a shock to the villains, they did not expect to lose those states and they panicked by the huge Trump vote. They stooped the counting until they figured out how to steal the election. And they were successful. The government was a big assist in that.

  3. Since the Lawless corrupt perverted satanic liberal uniparty doesn’t follow the US Constitution I guess they don’t follow national law that says voting systems are not to be connected to networks or the internet.

    • That voting machine were connected to the internet was established in many states, some soon after irregularities were reversed by hand count. Several suits had this information in 2020 and courts refused to hear the cause. There was a county that had a history of R 65% of the vote and election night the was report D65%. Hand count found that it followed its historic pattern and returned the vote to the rightful candidate. Evidenced like this as well as more sophisticated studies were available before congress accepted the fraudulent results.

  4. I just can’t handle anymore of these “BOMBSHELL!” “WE GOT HIM NOW!” “THIS JUST IN!” “IT’S OVER FOR BIDEN!” headlines, it’s starting to sound like the Wile E. Coyote liberal deep state media! BEEP! BEEP! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    We can get the same results at any of the alphabet networks.

    Give us a shout when you have the Bribem’s locked up and have the pics to verify it!
    That is All!

    • It is pretty friggin huge that someone finally identified the network that ties the Feds in to all elections, even down to the local precinct. If you don’t think that’s a bombshell, you must have two whole brain cells firing at once.

  5. It is well documented that Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Democrats rigged the 1948 Senate election in Jim Wells County, Texas, in order to get LBJ into the Senate. They ginned up votes using fake ballots and fake names. The added fraudulent votes were even delivered in alphabetical order by last name!

    If LBJ and the Democrats could do it in 1948, they certainly can do it today! The fraud deniers are either absolute Kool-Aid swilling fools, or they are in on it.

    • And then he may have just gotten Kennedy assassinated . Who knows.
      Most Dem keaders these days are evil enough to do such a thing.

    • And the names added to the voting rolls, were written in the same green ink. The investigators drove out to the graveyard and there were the 38 (Or so) names. Judge Davidson ordered a new election and all hell broke loose. Oh, Texans wanted that well known filthy mouthed criminal Johnson iN office???


      1948 TREASON WAS SET UP FOR 1960.

      . Lemmee know if you want more

  6. Question: which states hold off counting absentee ballots until Election Day? Please list them, and then compare them to states supposedly “adding votes after polls closed.”

    • Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Suspicious that these three states were key in late presidential numbers changes, especially Michigan and Pennsylvania. 3 am dump, we all saw it in real time.

  7. This is very consistent with the findings by Pulitzer and his team documented in their recent book “Countdown to Chaos” where they lay out the history of how the Feds since Obama built their network (Cloudstrike, Albert sensors, etc) and the fusion centers, security centers, and public-private partnerships that surround it.

  8. Why do you think that they fear Trump now?
    Why do you think they are full court pressing his charging?
    We are probably in a hopeless situation now but nothing ventured nothing gained.
    The evidence is being destroyed as we watch. Trump is a inconvenient irritant.
    The uniparty will kill him if he gets to close to power, but that will be tough to do with all eyes on this. BUT if they jail him he may be “Epstiened”.

    • Yea, no. America won’t let him be jailed. There will be civil war in the streets if that happens, particularly now that we have SHOWN the evidence and the CommuNazis want to pretend it still hasn’t been outed. There’s like 5 whole people who watch CNN, maybe 10 who watch Fox, the majority of Americans know where the real news is by now, and do not believe the Leftist hacks any more – we saw this clearly in Iowa the other day.

      • I think you are spot on. Politics by trial is not what the patriots in this country expect from government. There could be blood spilled in the streets if the democrat/fascists try to put Trump in jail. They will not listen to his 70 million plus voters, most of whom think the election was stolen. What other choice do they have?

    IT IS
    It is REAL
    Hollyweird is nothing more than a Military fantasy where they play the game of make believe into
    Think all MUSKS SAT SYSTEM is anything Else than part

  10. Haven’t heard much about that unexplained 2020 explosion at AT&T comm center in Nashville until now. Awesome investigative reporting work, thanks Joe.

  11. We’re trying to assess whether this is a classical conspiracy theory.
    First, there is an unsettling circumstance that doesn’t completely fit the known set of facts.
    Second, there are malevolent actors who are capable of wanton acts, and a great reward available is to them if certain unlawful acts could be committed in secret.
    Third, there are nontraditional methods, advanced technologies, special skills or knowledge, that could be employed in order to achieve the objective.
    Fourth, commission of the acts required to achieve the objective must remain secret, yet documents or witnesses are known to exist which could reveal the plan.
    Fifth, active suppression of the evidence is ongoing, and from time to time, a supposed witness or document will appear briefly, but something happens to prevent the evidence being disclosed to the public — so there is always hope that disclosure will occur.

    • Sixth, the malevolent actors are believed to be operating in the interests of a major corporation or entity, or the United States Government, or some other great power.
      Seventh, attempts to bring the actors to justice are frustrated because the news media and the government are bribed.

  12. 31“Behold, days are coming,” declares the Lord, “when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah, 32not like the covenant which I made with their fathers on the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, although I was a husband to them,” declares the Lord. 33“For this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days,” declares the Lord: “I will put My law within them and write it on their heart; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. 34 They will not teach again, each one his neighbor and each one his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them,” declares the Lord, “for I will forgive their wrongdoing, and their sin I will no longer remember.”
    35This is what the Lord says, He who gives the sun for light by day and the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night, Who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar—The Lord of armies is His name:
    36“If this fixed order departs from Me,” declares the Lord, “Then the descendants of Israel also will cease to be a nation before Me forever.”
    37This is what the Lord says:
    “If the heavens above can be measured and the foundations of the earth searched out below, then I will also reject all the descendants of Israel for everything that they have done,” declares the Lord.
    Jeremiah 31:35-37
    President Donald Trump has said, “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”

  13. I believe the 2020 Election was stolen! I don’t believe you have to be a tech genius to understand that there’s widespread corruption in our National Government. If they can figure out a way to steal votes, I believe they would! I believe it’s been happening & on both sides of the aisle! I don’t believe the corruption is only one sided! We use to believe there was a great gulf between the Republican Party & the Democratic Party, but I think that was an illusion. Behind the scenes many of these politicians are great chums! They’re all in it to wheel and deal! To make money and gain control! There are some good people in government Today, though, and it’s been through their efforts that We The People feel like there might be hope for the future of America! It’s apparent that Many in DC after afraid to speak out against the establishment! I do believe many of them are compromised! But, there are Some, who like many Regular Americans, believe the 2020 election was stolen and they aren’t afraid to speak out & say so! So, that said, I don’t think a very Corrupt political system would ever have a problem stealing and manipulating the votes, they would never have a problem with lying to and deceiving the American People! They are fully capable to do a huge election steal! We’ve just all put such great trust in Our Government for such a long time that we find it hard to believe it’s possible!

    • Pamela Bull, I completely agree! Further, all the technology, investigations, and so forth are doing is lending detail to what was obvious to anybody with a brain on Election Night 2020: Trump led by a HUGE margin at bedtime, and then after-hours, when the pivotal select few election centers had (mysteriously and with NO precedence) shut down then “reopened” without oversight, Trump lost by “just that much”. The country has gone to Hell faster than sh*t through a goose since then, just more and more crooked lying BS and stone-walling at every government level with every effort to fix things.

  14. The infrastructure funding for affordable internet and the push to get fiber in rural areas that both parties unanimously supported only helped to make this happen in a broader area. Affordable internet is only available to those getting government assistance BTW.

  15. This is HUGE because it’s just the beginning of more exposures. Just wait until the news comes out that not only was our own government complicit in this, but OTHER countries around the world as well. Soon you will hear the words HAMMER and SCORECARD. Then just watch all hell break loose!

    • Wow, started reading this and my heart started racing. IT’s everything I believed happened, all over the globe. This had to be stopped in time for the next election. Or were doomed. I haven’t even finished the whole article and it makes perfect sense. They used the Patriot Act against Americans as people were afraid it would. Now we again can say there’s another danger because of 9/11.

  16. Doesn’t anybody realise that all these actions occurred under the Trump presidency? That the example states you mention were and are Republican run? That in the governor, senate and house elections Republicans in these states won?
    Anybody care to explain why Republican election officials altered votes to elect a Democrat president? And if they did, why they didn’t do that in the other races on the same ballot?

    • Good point. I think the term “RINO” can explain it though. Trump was also surrounded by a lot of scheming dirtbags. He was a little naive about cabinet level advisors, many of which are CFR.

    • PJ There were huge numbers of ballots with only votes for Biden/Harris and little other down ticket votes. This in itself suggests that many ballot were put together or altered quickly or in ways that showed little interest in local races because that could have directly showed fraud when more local votes are counted than than a local precinct or district had eligible voters. This is also why the rolls had to be ballooned up in the days and weeks before and then deflated after the counting was completed.

    • D and R are merely convenient smokescreens, as nearly all are bought and/or compromised, and in the service of evil/satanic actors working globally behind the scenes to further their agenda of enslavement and/or elimination of the masses. Basically, the eternal battle between good and evil is getting down to the short strokes and it is time for each of us to choose our camp and to make a stand. For now, this means speaking and sharing the truth, remaining honorable, and lots of prayer. Going forward, we may need to slaughter their sorry asses but it’s not time for that yet…

  17. Anyone can get wifi cracking tools online. Linux offers such tools for their op system freely. So, there is no such thing as real wifi security. Its an illusion that most adept hackers can circumvent. A thought: Could a wifi jammer be used at each polling place to interrupt the signals ?

  18. They will most assuredly try it again. You can tell this by the level of campaigning put forth by the cheater. I warned Trump about it in 2020. Little effort means the fix is in. The “finely tuned race car” his campaign manager spoke of. No need to spend money on it. The continuous witch-hunt against Trump could be considered as a form of effort, but I think this is as much to manufacture a palatable logic for the masses to eat as to why he would lose the election. A sort of false-flag rationale, so the people dont so easily cry “rigged election”. The globalists will need another 4 years to complete the works of subversion and/or dissolution of the US. as a leading nation. Biden has already set us up for failure should a war break out with China. If not that, then a “climate emergency” to force vote-at-home mandates similar to the mail-in balloting during the covid scam. Or another ‘plandemic’. If they succeed, I would hope upon and advise middle America, that is, the conservative heartland states to, if they value their liberty, form a pact and secede, because this nation will not, by any means of prognosis, survive another 4 years of this regime as a free and substantial nation. Bad can only devolve to worse under such pervasive corruption. A terrible idea, maybe. But we’re at a point where a terrible idea may be better than acquiescing to a manufactured grim destiny.

  19. “For the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly but powerful through God for the tearing down of strongholds.”

    – 2 Corinthians 10:4

    Thanks, Joe, David, Erin and all for your efforts.

  20. How can this be overcome? How can we make the general public aware? How can the attention of the MSM be commanded in a way that it can’t ignore the story?

    Hack this system during the next election. Give every single vote to one of the candidates (Trump, just to rub it in). The election results will be so obviously incorrect that nobody will be able to deny that the system was hacked. And hacking the system to change the votes would prove that votes can be changed in and through the system.

    Whoever might accomplish such a hack would have to be an extremely brave individual or group. They would certainly all be targeted for liquidation after such a stunt. But they would save our country. Or maybe the scope and impact of the stunt, and public’s attention to it, would actually keep them safe. Take your pick.

  21. I know a lawyer in Mequon, WI associated with ElectionWatch dot info
    here is his twitter:
    twitter DOT com/PeterBernegger/status/1658182780210012185
    “Dominion tabulator tape from the Town of Richmond in Walworth County. The town clerk and the Walworth county clerk put in writing that their Dominion system is not connected to the internet. If you use a wireless modem with an IP address, you’re connected to the internet. I traced this one to TDS Telecom, an internet service provider in Madison WI. Then it goes to the county. However, any Administrator along that route could have access to the election results. THEN: must see my previous tweet. (side note: Port 11000 should not be used as that is the number one port for malware).

    Notice the TIME on both submissions – within milliseconds!

  22. Also see these tweets from Peter
    twitter DOT com/PeterBernegger/status/1658459711589548033
    twitter DOT com/PeterBernegger/status/1608493882504880129
    (this one is #2 of 4 total tweets on this issue)

    He talks about tracing where the transmission IP address ended up

  23. Yet something else strange:
    twitter DOT com/PeterBernegger/status/1670820270817304581
    “Why is the U.S. Election Assistance Commission communicating with the Clinton Foundation? The EAC tests all our computerized voting systems such as ES&S, Dominion, HART and others. And, why are the EAC and Clinton Foundation using an IP address out of Quebec? Our election clerks and counties who purchase the systems have to wake up. Shout out to Jonathan for this gem:”
    Peter then shows a photo of IP address.
    I did some looking for the coordinates of these IP addresses and maps dot Google dot com had blocked the Longitude/Latitude location on their maps. They took a square from Toronto and laid it over where the IP would have been up north farther. So, I asked Dutchsinse who did a street view with his equipment and HOLY MOLY there is a giant hill of rocks there! Like an ELF-type antenna system under the ground. Dutch called it a dam. It was right where all those 200 fires started in Quebec.

    Address type IPv4
    ISP Microsoft Corporation
    Connection Hosting

    52.9399, -73.5491 (OR 52° 56′ 23.64″, -73° 32′ 56.7594″)
    Dutchsinse response was youtube Dot com/watch?v=fl2nrGn4zj0
    starting around 24:50

  24. The Constitution, Article IV, Section 4, stipulates “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government…” FRAUDULENT BALLOTS — IN A STATE — IN AN ELECTION — IS A DENIAL OF A REPUBLICAN GOVERNMENT ! ! ! Fraudulent ballots in a state election of federal candidates is a federal Constitutional issue. A Republican form of government is not possible without fair representation by the citizens on political issues.

    Does this give grounds for federal suit — or counter-suit — to any citizen with evidence of a state election fraud ??

    And removal to fed court ??

    • I’ll translate the Pingback for you Olde Reb: “Pingback: The big 2020 presidential election heist that handed the White House over to fake President Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump, who deservedly won a second term, would not have been possible without the gimmicks.”

  25. Complete and utter bullshit. Only truly stupid people believe in the crap posted on this site. This story in particular is complete crap. Do you people have a fucking clue? Do you understand what evidence is? Making up endless shit and connedspiracies is not evidence. It is not true. It is not fact. It is FICTION. Or is even that word too big for you stupid morons to understand? All of these asinine claims in this article are complete bullshit (no evidence). By now, if there was actual evidence – the entire world would know, but these connedspiracies claims and stories keep getting more and more bizarre, but they recycle the same basic trash – NO EVIDENCE. You people are truly stupid, it’s amazing and appalling to watch you all flounder about like dead fish. Dumb as fuck.

    • Just wait and see what kind of “Election Fraud Evidence” has already been attempted to be destroyed and what “Election Fraud Evidence” will be ignored and/or labelled as misinformation by the Georgia and J-6 judges and prosecutors. What in the world do you think was in all of the boxes the FBI/DOJ took and have said they will likely not be returning? Trump must know fairly well what was there. Raiding a person’s premises and seizing classified files is one thing. That was only their excuse to seize specific classified documents that would prove the election interference abilities of the deep state. Many other legal documents as well as legal and personal correspondence was also taken and not returned. Something tells me the judges and prosecutors in Georgia and J-6 do not want Trump to be able to defend himself by having access to the classified files he had in his possession. Trump and Sidney Powell must have known about the Scorecard and Hammer software that the CIA has been using for years.

    • Did you even go and look at the picture of those clerk tapes? What did you see? You didn’t go an SEE THE PICTURES! That is why you talk as you do. Go LOOK!
      This lawyer guy is representing the two clerks that were scared out of their minds about getting put in prison for the rest of their lives because some darn machine decided, to on its own, send the vote totals to WiscNet, as well as, to the county clerk! They RAN to a lawyer for help in protecting themselves from the MACHINES’ shenanigans.
      Look at the TAPES!
      This tape is EVIDENCE that the machines did this for REAL!
      The lawyer guy wrote back to me when I sent this article to him. He told me this actually is OLD NEWS about a year old already!
      People have this evidence. However, the corrupt court system will not allow ANY cases on election fraud to come into their courts! America’s whole court system is compromised to the core. Just USE your brain. THINK! What better way to get away with crime by having YOUR criminal judge on the case?

  26. If anyone scrolls this far, no worries on your concerns, the Lord of Lords is going to shut down this government before their plans to steal our rightful President from his rightful place is realized. See more information about what the Lord is doing at

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