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BOGUS Bragg Case Against President Trump Gets More Bogus



The accounting activities that the corrupt Bragg indictment was all about that were not crimes are now confirmed as not crimes. 

The entire case against President Trump is based on accounting entries that we knew he never made.  No CEO of a multibillion dollar entity deals with payments as little as $130,000.  This whole case is a travesty of injustice and a fascist act.

EXCLUSIVE: Underlying Accounting Activities in DA Bragg Case Are Not Crimes – There Are No Crimes, Not Even Adjusting Entries!

Today in the courtroom, the man who ordered the entries be made in the books shared that President Trump had nothing to do with the entries being made.  Of course he didn’t.

In a normally functioning democracy (constitutional republic), the testimony today by Trump corporate comptroller Jeff McConney would end the ridiculous “hush money” case.  McConney testified he alone was the one who instructed the accounting department to classify payments to Michael Cohen as “legal expenses.”

This entire premise of the silly NY City case against Donald Trump is predicated on the claim candidate Trump had the payments classified as legal expenses to hide the hush money payment.  If Trump didn’t determine the classification, the case should collapse.  Alas, we all know what this Lawfare is really about.

This case is a travesty of justice against a President of the United States.  Bad and evil men and women want to destroy America and they know they have to stop President Trump to complete their mission. 


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