Body Language Expert on Peter Strzok During Hearing – His Constant Snarl Shows His Disdain for Republicans

The body language expert at Body Language Ghost provides another solid review of the body language that disgraced and criminal FBI Agent Peter Strzok exhibited last week at the House Hearing regarding his actions in the Hillary email scandal, the Trump-Russia investigation and the Mueller investigation.

According to the body language expert, Strzok’s actions show a belief system that he knows best, like a king over his subjects, and therefore he lacks guilt for any of the criminal actions he took over the past few years.

FBI Investigator Peter Strzok showed his true colors through his body language –

So you’re watching him get read, basically the riot act. Ha – he’s such a turd. We saw his body wiggle. His facial expressions are comical, indeed. It’s like he has a permanent snarl on his face. You sit there and if you can kind of imagine in your mind and do it as you sit here, put a snarl in your nose around your upper lip and just think of the mindset that you would have to be in to keep it there. Your only friends and the only people you let into your box are the only people that think like you,and so everyone else is going to get that snarl and disdain.

This is the power of belief systems. It’s what’s wrong with the DOJ and the FBI. They are in a belief system. Remember if they believe they’re king, they’re not oppressing, they’re standing their ground.

One segment not noted specifically in the video was related to the moment caught on camera where it looks like Strzok is possessed.

This creepy, corrupt and criminal investigator should never seen the light of day in the FBI, let alone at its upper echelons.