Bishop Strickland – Removed by Pope Red Francis – to Lead Rosary Outside US Catholic Bishops Meeting Wednesday | Joe Hoft


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Bishop Strickland – Removed by Pope Red Francis – to Lead Rosary Outside US Catholic Bishops Meeting Wednesday

Bishop Joseph Strickland from Texas will hold a prayer gathering in Baltimore where the US Catholic Bishops are Gathering on Wednesday.

Lifesite News reported on Monday:

Bishop Joseph Strickland, whom Pope Francis removed from his diocese over the weekend, will lead a Rosary rally this week in Baltimore as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) conducts its meetings for its biannual plenary session. 

At noon on Wednesday, November 15, Bishop Strickland will recite the Rosary publicly at the plaza on the waterfront side of the Marriott Waterfront Hotel Inner Harbor East, where the bishops are gathered for their meetings.

Bishop Joseph Coffey, Auxiliary Bishop for the Military Services, will also recite the Rosary at the plaza on Tuesday, November 14. The faithful are asked to join and to invite their own bishop to join Bishops Strickland and Coffey. For more information, Catholics may contact Jack Ames at (410) 961-2008 or 

Bishop Strickland has regularly led the Rosary outside the bishops’ conference meetings in Baltimore in the past over such issues as protesting the giving of Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians, a subject that the bishops have wavered on for decades. In 2021, he was the only bishop to join Catholics outside the bishops’ assembly. At the time, he stated, “When it comes to the Eucharist and the sanctity of life, I must speak. The most important thing I must speak about is the presence of the Lord and fighting the atrocity of abortion.”  

Bishop Strickland has performed numerous courageous acts and has stood for the dignity of life and against Satan.

General Flynn commented on Strickland’s courage.

@SarahisCensored  I do agree that the “communist pope should be removed.”
@Pontifex  that would be you.
@BishStrickland  you stand strong in the face of this adversity, as you always have. Millions of faith based, American patriots are in your corner.  We must tell the truth, whatever the cost. The globalists will not defeat us if we refuse to cede the moral high ground.
The tweet commented on by General Flynn shares the following:
In October, 2022, the Satanic Temple of Dallas-Fort Worth held “unholy unbaptisms” on the Tyler, Texas downtown square. Spells were cast and satanic rituals were held. The event was organized by a woman who calls herself “The Fickle Witch”.
@BishStrickland Knelt down directly in the middle of it all, while the rain poured, and prayed for their salvation. He was yelled at, mocked and cursed at by the satanists. I did not see any other pastors join him in prayer. Bishop Strickland is an amazing and courageous man who has taken a stand for God and liberty in my East Texas town.
Shortly after he began praying, the organizers of the event placed this sign over a law enforcement memorial.
Not many men have had the courage to do what the bishop did that day and continues to do. Every single God fearing man and woman in Tyler needs to take a stand for Bishop Strickland. He should not be alone in his stand for Jesus. The communist pope should be removed.

This is Bishop Strickland – a man of righteousness and courage.

3 thoughts on “Bishop Strickland – Removed by Pope Red Francis – to Lead Rosary Outside US Catholic Bishops Meeting Wednesday”

  1. Early in his tenure in Tyler, he gave permission for a monthly ecumenical healing mass to be held in a Tyler church. I was told it was the only healing mass in the US at that time. First it was held in Mary Magdalene in Flint and then it moved to Peter and Paul in Tyler.
    I am not a Catholic, but my husband and I used to attend every month, as did many other Protestants.
    The unconfirmed story was that the Bishop became a charismatic when the Holy Spirit fell on him during a regular Mass (not the healing mass) and he started praying in tongues. Again, just a rumor, not confirmed.


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