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Biden’s Week in Review – It Was Another Bad Week

Biden at Border

Joe Biden had another terrible week and it’s not a surprise. 

This past week saw Joe Biden’s failure to hold together a coalition for November and secure the border exposed.

Additionally, testimony from his brother James and his son Hunter revealed Joe Biden’s role in the Biden Crime Family business.

  • On Tuesday, more than 100,000 Michigan Democrat primary voters voted “uncommitted” instead of for Biden. Reuters reported that “uncommitted” voters “might stay home rather than vote for Biden in November’s general election.”
    • On Thursday, NBC News reported: “Washington state’s largest labor union endorses ‘uncommitted’ over Biden”
  • On Wednesday, The Hill released new polling with Emerson College that showed President Donald Trump leading Biden in Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, and Arizona.


  • On Thursday, Joe Biden made a disastrous trip to the southern border. Our nation’s border crisis is entirely Joe Biden’s fault. His own Homeland Security Secretary bragged, “We have rescinded so many Trump immigration policies, it would take so much time to list them!”
    • Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera told NBC News on Thursday that Biden “should not have reversed Trump’s border policies.”
      • “They were very effective for us, as Border Patrol agents, in securing the border,” Cabrera said.


  • Hunter Biden admitted in a Congressional deposition Thursday that “Joe Biden attended dinners with his son’s foreign patrons while vice president.”


  • On Friday, the newly released transcript of James Biden revealed “that a $40,000 check made out to former Vice President Joe Biden in 2017 used funds James received from a Chinese government-linked company.”

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