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Biden’s Week In Review

Biden’s week in review:

If it’s Friday, then it’s the end of yet another disastrous week for Joe Biden. Biden will need even earlier lids and more Delaware vacation time to unwind after this week:

  • Biden at an Earth Day event on Monday acknowledged radical leftist AOC’s outsized influence on the Biden administration: “You know, I learned a long time ago listening to that lady, listening to that lady—we’re gonna talk more about another part of the world too, real quickly.”
    • The Earth Day event “celebrated” several Green Deal New priorities that progressive radicals like AOC have long championed, including bans on oil drilling and a wasteful “American Climate Corps” which would pay activists to enact their anti-energy agenda.
  • At a sparsely-attended campaign event in Tampa, FL on Tuesday, Biden appeared confused, attempted to shake hands with empty air, and falsely claimed he used to drive an 18-wheeler.
  • At another campaign stop on Wednesday, the rapidly-declining Biden struggled to read his teleprompter, at one point reading out loud an instruction for him to “pause.”
  • A Bloomberg poll released Wednesday showed that President Trump leads Biden in six battleground states despite Biden and his allies spending millions of dollars to shore up their increasingly divided base.
  • STAGFLATION: It was revealed on Thursday that the economy grew by just 1.6% in the first quarter of 2024, a growth rate that is a full point lower than what was anticipated by economists.
  • An Axios poll on Thursday revealed what President Trump has long understood on an innate level: Americans are sick of the Biden-abetted invasion of illegal immigrants, and a majority of voters, including 42% of Democrats, support mass deportations.
  • Fox News reported Friday morning that “Biden’s latest proposal to hike the top capital gains tax rate to its highest level in more than a century is facing heavy criticism from experts who warn such an action could significantly harm the U.S. economy.”
  • Biden wrapped up yet another disastrous week by rattling off some his all-time greatest lies, claiming on Howard Stern’s radio show that he saved people from drowning, that he was arrested during a civil rights protest, and that he was a star football player. All of these are demonstrably false.

How many more weeks like this can America afford?

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  1. I read where he is having more trouble walking without assistance and they moved his entrance/exit at the white house to hide him from the press. It’s going to get very interesting (or horrifying).


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