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Biden’s Week In Review

The Trump team released this week’s Biden’s Week in Review

  • Bidenomics continues to wreak havoc.
    • On Monday, ABC 4 in Pittsburgh reported how Pennsylvania voters say “what they’re paying at the gas pump will definitely influence how they will vote.”
    • Bloomberg reported Monday that “Gasoline Prices to Reach Highest Since 2022”
    • On Tuesday, WAGM in Maine reported on the increased use of food banks. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen, in my 38 years of being here, the economy affecting people the way it is right now,” said the hunger relief director for Catholic Charities Maine. “I don’t care who you are — ends aren’t meeting. It seems like things have gotten so expensive.”
    • Likewise on Tuesday, WNCT in Greenville reported on how North Carolina residents are struggling to afford gas.
    • CNBC’s All-America Economic Survey was released on Tuesday and found that “respondents said inflation is the No. 1 issue and they give Trump a 27-point advantage” on which candidate is better to deal with it.
    • A Fox News poll released on Wednesday found: “Just 22% say they are better off than four years ago, while more than twice that many — 52% — say they are worse off.”
    • A Leger poll released Friday showed the number of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck is on the rise.
  • Biden’s open borders continue to put Americans in danger.
    • On Monday, an illegal immigrant was arrested in Alabama for raping a “mentally incapacitated” teenage girl.
    • On Monday, Michigan rolled out a “Newcomer Rental Subsidy” program that is funded by the Biden administration. Joe Biden is funding this program to subsidize the rent of illegal immigrants.
    • On Wednesday, it was reported that an illegal immigrant was arrested in Michigan after killing a woman during a carjacking attempt.

On Friday, Breitbart reported that more illegal immigrants have crossed our northern border “this year than in the past twelve years combined.”

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