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BIDEN’S NIGHTMARE: Devin Archer, Hunter’s Business Partner, Is Reportedly Cooperating with the House

(Devon Archer, unknown, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden)

Hunter Biden’s business partner is expected to testify in front of the US House regarding the corruption within the Biden family.

The Daily Mail reported:

Hunter Biden’s former business partner and friend is set to testify that Hunter called then Vice President Joe during meetings with clients, reports say.

Devon Archer, 48, was subpoenaed on June 12 by the House Oversight Committee, which is investigating Hunter’s businesses and whether he and other members of the Biden family improperly traded on their connections.

Archer has so far canceled his scheduled depositions three times, The Washington Examiner reported, but still intends to speak to the committee. They go on recess for the summer break in August.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

Hunter Biden’s former associate and convicted felon, Devon Archer, is reportedly cooperating with Republican lawmakers and will testify this week on the $10 million Ukraine-Biden bribe.

According to New York Post reporter Miranda Devine, Devon Archer is going to sing like a canary and tell Congress that Hunter Biden put his dad, then-VP Joe Biden on speakerphone into meetings with his foreign business associates at least two dozen times.

Archer, who is currently facing one year in prison for defrauding an Indian tribe, will testify to the House Oversight Committee about at least two dozen meetings he witnessed Joe Biden attend either in person or by phone at Hunter’s request.

When Archer was in the middle of the case where he was accused of defrauding an American Indian tribe, Hunter sent him a text that said:

“Every great family is persecuted in the US-you are part of a great family-not a side show not deserted by them even in your darkest moments. Thats the way Biden’s are different and you are a Biden. It’s the price of power. And the people questioning you truly have none whereas you do through perseverance and poise.”

See support from Hunter’s laptop below which reads like a letter from a mafia family.

Hunter and Archer were connected with Burisma, and both were on its Board of Directors.  Judge Ronnie Abrams overturned a unanimous jury conviction of Archer.  She is married to corrupt Greg Andres from the Mueller gang.

An appellate judge overturned Abrams’s action to vacate Archer’s conviction.

Together, Hunter and Archer brought in Joseph Cofer Black to the Burisma Board.  This is after Hunter illuded to bringing in the CIA to be connected with Burisma’s Board.

The Gateway Pundit posted a photo of Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer meeting with Vice President Joe Biden in his office in 2014.  The image and another from Joe Biden’s ceremonial office ran in a Russia Today broadcast in 2014.  The room in this photo pictured in the Russia Today segment appears to be the Vice President’s ceremonial office.

The attorneys for Rosemont Seneca Partners — Hunter Biden and Devon Archer’s company — later wrote Burisma and told them to remove the photo of Joe Biden meeting Devon Archer from their webpage!!

In addition, per prior reviews, it appears that Hunter and Archer were receiving classified information on a regular basis that they used in their business dealings.  One email indicated that the two were interested in putting someone on the Burisma Board of Directors from the CIA.  Later Joseph Cofer Black, a former CIA employee, was added to the Board.

The Bidens are a cesspool of corruption. 


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